Thursday, April 30, 2009

You'll thank me later when you're not puking.

Let me start this by saying "you're welcome." I am about to go to bed but have been wanting to post all week, so I sat here on my laptop to shoot out a post. I wanted a photo to go with it. I googled "toes". Lord help me, I want to puke now. So yes, you are welcome. Because you DO NOT want to see what I just saw.

I'll settle for a pic of... hmm. Baby chicks? Kittens? Fresh grown corn? Anything but toes.

Whew. That's better. My spleen can crawl back out of it's hiding place now.
This is going to be short and sweet, and only a little more boring than normal because it's midnight and I'm tired.
  • I get to finally finally take a day off tomorrow. A day off from screaming, fighting kids. A day off from temper tantrums. A day off from dishes (who am I kidding? My dishes from last night are still in my sink.)
  • It's buy one/get one free day at the local Heaven spa, so a friend & I are going. And. I. Can't. Wait. I want to lather myself in mud and call myself Wilbur.
  • I was in the emergency room with my friend on Monday. Not for me, for her. She miscarried. :(
  • As I type this my face is covered in a combination of castor oil and olive oil, and my hair smells like vinegar. Somehow I became crunchy overnight.
  • I'm sad Matt Giraud is gone, but not surprised.
  • Adam Lambert is gaining weight.
  • I'm sick of hearing about swine flu.
  • I am non-apologetic about my hatred for all things related to swine flu.
  • I haven't worked out in a week. And I found the easiest, most delicious cookie recipe yesterday.
  • The above two items do not work well with #2. Because #2 involves a bathing suit.
  • I just realized my cell phone is downstairs. And I'm tired. And kind of cursing in my brain now.
Guess I should go get it, so I don't oversleep and actually get up after the sun.


  1. Awww wish I was going to a day spa! I will be 30 tomorrow! I am so sad to say goodbye to 20's. boohoo!

  2. Yikes, I'm scared to know what you found!

    Adorable picture though.

    A spa day sounds heavenly...


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