Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Making up time.

Okay I know I'm just stating the obvious here, but where in the heck did 2010 go?

Every year I endeavor to prepare earlier for the holidays so I can enjoy every stinking minute of it all, and every year it sneaks up faster and faster on me. This year didn't help that we were in Arizona for a week at the beginning of November, and it totally threw me off. One minute we were getting costumes for Halloween (Rainbow Brite & Zorro), then next we're hearing commercials on the radio for Christmas. Doesn't it seem like we just skip fall altogether now? {I tried to capitalize fall right there, but every time I do it just feels like I'm writing about the Fall of mankind and not the season.}

We're all doing well, though busier than ever. I swear I feel like I can never keep my head above water. I don't know why I was ever under the impression that homeschooling and being a stay-at-home mom would mean I'm ever home. Or that I'd ever have a moment of peace. Okay that's not true. I have peace. It just only comes at 6:30 in the morning when the kids are still asleep and my husband has already left for work. So yes, I do have peace.

Mikey is in 3rd grade now and Ikey is in 1st. We're using a new homeschool curriculum this year called Five in a Row and we LOVE it. I never dreamed we'd see a day when we all looked forward to schoolwork and no complaints were made. Linny first told me about it and I'm SO glad she did. Instead of days filled with fighting and whining (and that's just from Mom!) and busy work that was like pulling teeth to get completed, the three of us cuddle up on the couch, read our Bible and do Awana or their TruthQuest worksheets for church (LOVE this Sunday school curriculum by the way. if you're in charge of it for your church, you must check it out!), and then read whatever story we're on for FIAR. Of course we have other things that aren't always fun (math, writing), but this year has by far been the most pleasant since we began homeschooling.

I also LOVE our Apologia Astronomy! I will never ever step away from Apologia as long as I homeschool. I love it that much. Seriously awesome.

Okay so this wasn't meant to be a post about homeschooling, but I guess it's such a huge part of my life that I can't help but talk about it a little. I'm done.

Winter ball is over for Mikey now and being I never signed up Ikey for dance lessons like I planned {3 months ago}, things are slowing down a bit for Christmas. In theory. Two more weeks left of Awana and women's Bible study, but our "slower" time is being filled up with church Christmas musicals and field trips, so not a whole lot of that free time I hear so much about. I think it's kind of like that magical pegasus- sounds like a great idea but no one's ever actually seen one.

Much like an honest politician? Hmm.

I'm in the middle of my month-long break from Facebook and I have to say, Mommy likey. {Tried to find a cute little clip of Tommy Boy saying "Tommy likey. Tommy want wingy!" but couldn't. but it's here in spirit.} Without feeling the need to check several times a day to find out what my friends have had for lunch or how many loads of laundry they've done since breakfast, I find I have a lot more time to focus on the things that actually matter. Like ingesting books like there's no tomorrow, and perfecting my Viva Pinata garden. Oh yes, my life is full.

Okay so it's taken me 4 days to actually go from typing this post to submitting it, so I need to shut my trap and just get on with it. Or this stinking post will be sitting in my drafts until the year is actually over, and everyone will understand why my 2011 resolution is to blog more. I'd like to at least make an effort before that.

So now, pictures.

  when you give a kid a camera...

 at the nhra drag races last month. it was kinda loud.

old-school for halloween this year with a little rainbow brite & zorro

the kiddos w/magician nathan burton in vegas. yeah. the guy who told me the was "family friendly" clearly doesn't have kids.

in malibu for our anniversary. *cough cough* in august.

going whale watching

Saturday, December 4, 2010


I've had potential blog posts and corresponding photos running through my head the past few days. Sitting at the computer now, all I can think of is how much my house smells.

Something's got to give. Either these cats' stomach issues take a hike or they will be.

You're welcome.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Why do I love Compassion??


Yanci is a little girl sponsored by Shaun Groves

Compassion doesn't just change the life of the child you are sponsoring. It changes the lives of those around them, and I guarantee it will change yours. Without a doubt. 

Would you consider giving one (or two? more?) little one a reason to truly celebrate, and HOPE, this Christmas?

*Edited to add: I just went on Compassion's website and saw that if you sponsor a child today, you get a $30 gift card to Dayspring! I don't know how long they're doing this, but that's an excellent bonus!! I loooove Dayspring and just ordered my daughter the cutest apron (and of course one for myself to match) for Christmas. Check it out!

Friday, November 26, 2010


Oh my poor, poor blog. I'm sorry, I know I've neglected you oh-so-badly.

I gave up Facebook (for at least the next month), so I will make time for you again. You've been on my mind.

You know, the whole "distance makes the heart grow fonder" thing? It's true. I've missed you.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I married the funny

The humor that's shared between my husband and I never ceases to reach all-time highs. And to relay even half the conversations we share would only cause you to roll your eyes and think "Huh?", so just trust me on this one. My husband is one of the funniest guys on the planet. In fact, his sense of humor was one of the first things that made me fall in love with him. You know, right after the beautiful baby blues and awesome smile. 

Texting is no acception. He makes me laugh, even when he's not here to hear it:

Big Hunk: I'm not going to meeting tonight.
Me: How come?
Big Hunk: Leg & foot issue (*he hurt his leg ankle really bad playing baseball on Sunday)
Me: Ok babe. They'd make you stand the whole time? ;p
BH: No but tonight is "dance your best dance for Jesus" and with my clogs being so heavy it might hurt.
Me: Ouch, that would be bad. Poor Jesus. I bet He would have loved your dance of "I am a C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N."
BH: Well I was thinking more of the Jesus-arana but whatever.
Me: And instead of putting your hands on your arms, you raise them in the air and lay hands on people?
BH: Sure.
Me: Wow. Way to shoot down our witty banter.

Okay so most likely that's only funny to me. And if I'm right, just lie to me.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

God's Chisel

After a lot of friends were posting this on Facebook, I had to check it out.

Um yeah. Ten minutes and forty thousand tears later...

I would highly recommend watching this to anyone. Man did it hit home for me.

"You think you're junk, don't you? You really really really think you're junk. Listen to Me. I don't make junk."

I can't tell you how often I look in the mirror and see exactly that- junk. I see my sins. I see the many things I've done wrong in my life and continue to do everyday. I see the people I've hurt. I won't let me see myself through God's eyes. I guess I feel unworthy to actually live in the outpour of His grace and mercy, because it's a lot easier to remind myself continuously of how filthy I am was, than to believe I could ever be anything that He would love.

But then who am I living for if I'm doing that? I say I'm living for God, but if I'm allowing myself to live in the lies of the enemy- am I living for God at all? If I tell others of this great, miraculous forgiveness my Savior offers, but won't stop living in condemnation, aren't I a hypocrite?

"God, today I'm turning everything over to You. I'm not going to hold onto anything anymore.
Your word says that You will make me Your masterpiece, and use me to do great things. I don't see how that's possible. But I want that with all that I am."

Today. Today is the day.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Longing for the sand

We tried going to the drive-in tonight, but apparently the rest of California had the same idea. We're all about the trendsetting. So instead we attempted a couple u-turns and tried to outsmart the crowds, but only ended up going home. Ikey was in a groichy mood anyway, so it night be better that she got in bed on time.

We've been having a blast this summer, so much so that I'll have no desire to let it out of claws come September. We'll finally, hopefully, have our first beach trip next week and I can't wait. To live in California and not go to the beach in almost a year is pretty close to being a crime. We have been diligent, however, in our pool duties, and I've secured a pretty decent tan, so all is not lost.

We've had a trip to a local waterpark and have played in the fountain at the mall till little toes were pruned. We've sampled every bit of fruit (no vegetables) at the Farmer's Market and have brand-new butterflies on our table. Yes, I think our summer has been a success.

And God-willing, many sandy, wind-blown days and road trips await us.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm praying for you.

I want to update about our family and our summer, but this was weighing on my mind. In fact I've been wanting to write about it for quite a few months, but as I sat down skimming through my friends' Facebook updates, something struck me and I couldn't put it off anymore.

If you have a pulse, you've had someone tell you "I'm praying for you." At times that brings us comfort. Some may even pray right then and there with us (oh how I treasure those friends!). But am I the only one that hears those words once in a while and just thinks yeah right? I hate to sound bitter [and maybe I am], but it just seems like it can be such a cop-out. I guess it all depends on the person saying it. We all have those friends that are true prayer warriors and will drop on their knees the second you ask for prayer. The ones we know will lift us up when we're all prayed out, can't find the words, or just need to know someone has our back.

But then are those that toss around the words like breath.

Well what ever happened to being the hands and feet of God? Now I'm not saying we aren't to pray for one another. I think ALL of us are called to be prayer warriors. But where in the Bible does it say to pray for each other, and then wash your hands of it? Is that really loving our brothers?

A few minutes ago on Facebook, I read the status update of a friend telling about a fundraiser for a family that had just lost a child. Someone replied with something along the lines of not wanting to buy what the fundraiser was selling, but that the family definitely needed prayer. Now it didn't seem to bother anyone else so maybe I'm reading too much into that, but why are we so unwilling to just give a little of ourselves? When a friend is hurting and has no money for gas, why does I'll pray for you jump off our lips so quickly, but we never think of how God might want to use us in that instance? Do our words mean anything to that homeless man with nothing to eat?

I don't know, maybe these things don't even go hand in hand. My original issue was with the lack of prayer behind the words. Today though, it morphed into not just an irritation with the empty words, but with our ability to stand, hands tied behind our back with that invisible string, "helpless" to reach out to those that need us.

When do we unbound ourselves from that string we put on ourselves, and really truly get out there and walk the walk? When does the word Christian start to mean laying down our lives for our brothers and sisters, and not just someone with a busy Sunday morning?

Monday, May 24, 2010


You know it's been a long time since you've blogged when Blogger has changed the format of their website and you didn't even know about it.

This blog has not become my redheaded stepchild (not that I have anything against redheads or stepchildren), but there has been so much going on. A lot of times I just didn't have the words for it all. Others, I couldn't even process it in my mind, let alone put it out there in coherent terms for anyone else. I'll try soon though. I think things I've learned about myself and others the past few weeks (!) are worthy of my time typing it out.

Until I actually find the time to sit and sort out the madness that is my brain, I just read this and wanted to share. I have been reading Lindsay's blog for a couple years and this is the perfect example of why I adore her. Anyone that isn't afraid to make fun of their kids' art project (or as is evidenced here, hates to share the spotlight) is right up my alley.

Now back to listening to the same episode of Curious George for the 32nd time.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Compassion Sunday

This Sunday, I will be handling the Compassion Sunday event at our church. I am so excited.

This will be the opportunity for members of my community and church family to sponsor a child living in poverty, and to change their lives forever. But you know, I have to say something. I know Compassion is all about changing the lives of children and "releasing children from poverty in Jesus' name." But I don't think that's entirely true. Okay, it's not the whole truth.

Because I would almost venture to say that the lives of our family have been changed even more.

Friday, April 9, 2010

I use a lot of words to say nothing.

I can easily say this has been our laziest, most relaxing Spring Break ever. I have slept in almost everyday (ranging from 7:30am to *ahem* 10:30am), we've hung out by the (dirty) pool and gotten sun, and we've spent 3 hours at the park- in one day. Yes, I can confidently say I am sucking every ounce of life out of this Spring Break.

I have been pretty diligent in my quest to eat well and workout everyday, despite the kids' Easter candy calling my name. And I can say with pride that the only casualties have been every last Mini Robin Egg- and what the kids don't know won't hurt them. Man are those things addicting (the candy, not the kids).

Tonight Big Hunk and I are volunteering with Compassion at the Rock & Worship Roadshow. I can't wait. I don't know if I'm more excited to see bands like David Crowder Band and MercyMe, or to help out with Compassion. I have just become so passionate about Compassion and want to help out in anyway I can. On April 18 I am handling the Compassion Sunday event at our church and I am so excited to see the Lord work. I received my box of CS gear yesterday, and it humbled me when I saw the stacks and stacks of kids looking for sponsors. Such beautiful faces, living in such dire circumstances. One of the boys, probably about 13, brought me to tears. His face just looked so sad and it looked like he had lived such a hard life. He's probably seen things no child ever should.

But I am so thankful for organizations like Compassion that are striving to change the very lives- and eternities- of these children. Giving them a hope and a reason to smile. Just letting them know that they are loved- not just by these families that sponsor them, but also by a Creator that knows every hair on their head. The two boys we sponsor have changed our lives- I so look forward to seeing families in our church changed the same way.

So anyway, I went on a little tangent there- I just wanted to say I am so excited about the concert tonight. ;) I just have a lot of words that jumble it all up.

I'll leave this (somewhat) brief and share a couple photos. Those speak a lot more than I do.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'll let that visual marinate for a bit

I started P90X (again) last night. Let's just say that nothing motivates you to workout more than seeing your own "before" photos.

Monday, April 5, 2010

An Easter rundown.

*I forgot to add in the link for the crack dip at the end of the post. It's there now. You're welcome. Believe me, you don't want to miss it.*

I don't even know how to function this morning. Being it's almost noon, I think I should figure it out. Case in point: I've had to backspace about 12 times just in these 3 sentences because I can't type right. It's going to be a long day.

We had an awesome Easter. But it always feels like a wedding day- you know when you build-up to holidays and look forward to them so much, then they are just over too quickly?

We had a wonderful Good Friday; I spent it at home with the kiddos (still can't remember where the day went), then service at church that night. It was a POWERFUL night. It was beautiful. Everyone involved with the service was dressed in black, and the stage held a wooden cross with  a purple sash and a crown of thorns. Simple, yet so symbolic of our Lord's last hours. Our pastor always has this way of taking a sermon you've heard a thousand times and getting it to you in a new way. I will never grow tired of the way he does that. He walked out to the pulpit on Friday and started with "My name is Cornelius...." He proceeded to tell the story of Jesus' torture and crucifixion from the point of view of one of the Roman centurions. It was amazing. I can never say enough how thankful I am that God brought us to that church- and I wish He had done it sooner! ;-) I realize now we held onto our old church for a long time simply because of the friendships forged there and the ministries we enjoyed, rather than what we should have been getting.

I cleaned ALL day Saturday- and don't think for a second that I'm not embarrassed mentioning that I needed to clean all day, because I am. I realize now that if maybe, perhaps, I had been cleaning the way I should be, my house would not have needed a complete overhaul the day before Easter company. Quite embarrassing. And exhausting. Between cleaning and preparing side dishes for Easter, I was up until 12:30am, then had to get up at 5am Sunday.

I served in the Easter choir at church and it was so awesome. There is just something about a group of 45 people gathering together with the sole (soul?) purpose of singing praises to the Lord that gets my blood going. Songs that we had rehearsed and perfected every week for a couple months finally found an audience- an audience of One. An Audience that had given His life up on the cross for our salvation, and here we were proclaiming His name and glory to anyone that would listen. It was beautiful. I was so sad when our two services were over and it was time to go home.

We spent the afternoon with friends and my parents. It all went so quickly. We barbecued and watched "Old Dogs" (even funnier when you watch it with someone that laughed so hard they almost peed), and had the hunt for a-gazillion-eggs with 4 little ones. I don't know when I stopped knowing how to count, but even after the kids each had their allotted 18 eggs each, we still had many left over. Not that they were complaining. I'm pretty sure I'll still find eggs out there in June when I decorate for Ikey's birthday.

My night came to an end with this lazy butt falling asleep on the couch while Big Hunk watched "Bean". Let it be known that it is still one of the funniest movies and had nothing to do with my need to pass out. I made it into my bed by 10pm, and proceeded to sleep until 10am while the kids played XBox in the next room. All the running around finally caught up with me.

We are now on Spring Break and I can think of nothing more inviting than spending a full 5 days enjoying my kids' company and having fun with NO school responsibilities. That is, after I finish the dishes from our Easter get-together.

I just need to know how I'm supposed to resist the candy, brownies and crack dip that are plaguing my house now? I'm going to start P90X today and after being completely disciplined with my eating and working out the past few weeks, I let myself have a day off yesterday. Now all I want are those mini Reese's my mom so kindly left (not). BH will be taking those to work tomorrow because I DO NOT need them calling my name anymore. I've been good today. So far.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

What Day Did Jesus Die?

I posted this last year, but wanted to repost it. I love to know the whole story about stuff like this, and love when it's explained for me. :) I hope you're having an awesome Passion Week! This is no doubt my very favorite time of year. I can't wait for the Good Friday service at church, and our super cool Easter services. I am in the choir this year and I am so excited for Sunday, where we'll be accompanied by a mini-orchestra. I love Easter!!

Happy Good Thursday! :-)

"Many people have been confused concerning the day of the death of Jesus. We know it was the day before the Sabbath, because the Jews wanted to get Him off the cross before the Sabbath. So traditionally people have believed Jesus died on Friday afternoon. But He had said He would be dead for three days and three nights, and we know He rose on Sunday morning, so that would only be two nights. Several explanations have been offered, but this passage here gives us a possible clue.

John tells us "that Sabbath was a high day." The day after Passover was the beginning of the Feast of Unleavened Bread. The first day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread was always considered a high Sabbath, no matter what day of the week it fell on. It was a special Sabbath day.

So I believe that Jesus was actually crucified on a Thursday, on the Day off Passover, with the next day, Friday, being the High Sabbath, the following day being the normal Saturday Sabbath, and the third day being Easter Sunday, the day He rose from the dead. This makes three days and nights. It also explains why His followers couldn't come to the tomb to anoint His body until three days later, as they couldn't do that on either Sabbath. We still celebrate the traditional Good Friday, but technically I believe it should be Good Thursday. "

Pastor Chuck Smith, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa
an excerpt from The Word for Today Bible

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Please scream my name to wake me up.

Sorry, I wrote this on Tuesday and just never got around to publishing. Which only further drives home the point of my whole post- I can't keep on top of everything.

I'm thinking today is not a good day to forego the coffee in lieu of tea. My eyelids are already hurting from the toothpicks that are supposed to be holding them open.

What I would love to know is how I'm supposed to get everything done if I don't stay up until 1am? The piles mountains of laundry my husband had promised to help me fold weren't moving on their own, and I didn't finish working out till 10:30pm. How do moms out there ever get any sleep? So instead I resort to folding laundry as I watch the two-hour premiere of Dancing with the Stars. Sitting there on the (dirty) floor folding endless pairs of underwear and mismatched socks almost made me feel as glamorous as those size 0 dancers with their fake tan. Almost.

Baseball has taken over our lives and I won't have a free moment again until at least May. Seriously, I am so glad I only have one child in sports right now. Those moms that have 3, 4, 12 kids in sports must never leave their car- or if they do, it's to live in the laundry room. A mom on Mikey's team told me the other day that she saw a shirt that said "I have no life, my son plays baseball." That sounds eerily accurate.

While it's not as bad now as it will be when Mikey is older (a day I'm not sure I'll survive to see), two games plus one practice a week is wearing me out. When you add on top of that Awana, church, choir practice (for both me & Mikey, so that's 2 1/2 hours out of our Sunday), Big Hunk's baseball games and our regular homeschool responsibilities, well I'm no expert at math but I think that *may* have something to do with my lack of sleep. I feel like I have no right complaining though because at least one mom has to be reading this thinking "You have no idea."

Mikey is doing so awesome in baseball, and he loves it so much. He's in the AA league which means after his practice games are over, no more coach pitch, they'll have umpires for the first time ever, and actual outs. It's the big leagues people. Okay, bigger. Last Saturday Mikey was having a great day. He hit two homeruns (ie. a great hit followed by tons of defensive errors that gave him enough time to make it home) and all three outs of the last inning were all him, unassisted. *Proud mommy here!* He did so great. Seriously- all three outs all by himself? :-) I am so proud of him. He definitely inherited his daddy's athletic ability. Thank goodness, because it's not rare for me to fall down the stairs for no reason at all, or to pull a muscle waving goodbye.

Other than 3 games in the course of 4 days this weekend, Mikey and I each had choir practice on Sunday, Big Hunk had his baseball game (which I missed) and I was able to go shopping for a couple hours with a good friend of mine, in search of the Perfectly Beautiful, Yet Extremely Affordable Dress for Easter (PBYEADE). I did not find a thing, unless you count my headache from trying to actually shop for something affordable and cute. More on that later.

Now as I start my day, I pray for the energy to make it through to at least noon before I pass out at the dining room table (deja vu). This is where that coffee would really come in handy. My handy.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Kingdom Assignment

Because this post is so dear to my heart and one I've been mulling over in my head for a month now, (remember me promising to write it "today"? About a week ago? Yeah. That one), it's been such a seemingly daunting task that I haven't even tried to tackle it. I suppose I want my passion over this to be so stinkin' visible that you can't help but be passionate with me. And I am afraid that I won't do this justice, so I haven't bothered. These words come to you as the result of much prayer.

Well over a month ago, our pastor introduced us to something called Kingdom Assignment. I had never heard of it, and I'm pretty sure most of the people in attendance that day hadn't either. The foundation for Kingdom Assignment stems from the Parable of the Talents in the book of Matthew. If you're not familiar with that parable, I would encourage you to read it here.

Simply put, we need to use what God gives us. He gives us all talents and abilities- He gives us all a voice. But what do we do with them? Do we hide them away like the third man in the story? Or do we invest them in any way we can, not worrying about how it will multiply and just trust that God will use it how He wills?

Do you use your voice? Or do you keep silent, hoping someone else will speak up?

When I signed up for Kingdom Assignment, we were given $50 to fund our assignment. Our prayer was that God would multiply that money in great ways for His Kingdom. I had so much passion, but little vision. I knew that God would somehow use our project to make big things happen. But what?

Well I prayed (lots) and contemplated. Big Hunk & I talked about it lots and would toss ideas around. But when we really thought about it, it was such a huge commitment and I wanted to be sure we were listening for God's voice and not our own.

It's not all hammered out yet, but we are really hoping to be able to hold a benefit concert. We are still waiting on the go ahead from the band we've invited to be part of this (friends of ours), but we are praying this will all happen in the next month or two. All proceeds are going to Morning Star Foundation in Ch!na (they don't even know yet! I'm so excited!), a home that provides care and love to orphaned children that have severe medical conditions- some of which are in need of life-saving surgery. Below are a few pictures of children Morning Star has in their care right now. Just try not to fall in love with those faces!




And here is a beautiful  post my friend Sally wrote about her recent trip there. We had been praying about using this concert to benefit Morning Star when I read this, and her words were completely God speaking to us, confirming that this is what He wants.

I covet any prayers you could offer on our behalf, and on behalf of Morning Star. We have NO doubt that God has big plans and is going to work in mighty ways through this event. We are so excited to be part of this! We just can't wait to bless the socks off of those precious babies over there, clear across the world. And of course we want to bless Bill & Lynsay, the couple that runs Morning Star, like crazy too. :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

bo to the ring

Okay I haven't disappeared. And we survived The Great Teenage Flake Out of 2010, despite the dramatic post that appears to be the last thing I'll ever write again. ;)

I get bored with my own thoughts and never feel like typing them out. But there's cool stuff going on and I'll hopefully share today. <3

Sunday, February 21, 2010


I am not going to go into it all now (mostly because I don't understand it), but Cracker Jack is moving out today. My stepson whom we have always prayed would come live with us one day; the same one that has been in our home for a month & a half. That one.

My heart can't take it.

And if you can spare the time, could you please pray for my little ones? They are going to be so heartbroken when they find out, Mikey especially.

Thank you for your prayers and I will post more as it happens.

When we woke up a little while ago my husband asked my why Cracker Jack was sleeping on Mikey's floor. This has never happened. I think maybe the decision isn't as easy on him as we thought it was.

We felt like our family was finally complete again.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday: Miss Carol

I'm really excited for our day tomorrow. The kiddos and I are heading out to our old stomping ground to hang out with one of the dearest women we know, and we can't wait.

Back when I was about 8 months pregnant with Ikey, I joined MOPS. I loved it. The year ended quickly, and I of course continued going the following semester with my 2 year old and newborn in tow. Well for some reason Mikey then decided he couldn't handle being away from me, and would get himself so upset he'd even occasionally vomit all over himself when I'd leave. Fun times. But at that time he had the sweetest teacher that just took the greatest care of him, and was so patient even when he was screaming his everlovin' head off. Her name is Carol (Miss Carol, as Mikey adopted to calling her) and as time went on and we were at that MOPS for a couple more years, she became his dearest friend. He just adored her! He looked so forward to seeing her every other week.

Sadly almost 4 years ago we moved from that area, and I was no longer going to attend that MOPS. Miss Carol was so sad because she thought Mikey would never remember her. :*( I of course assured her we would never let that happen, and we promised to stay in touch and see each other often.

As the story always goes, time got away from us and we've only managed to see her twice in these 4 years. (Gosh I feel horrible saying that!) But we have still kept in touch by email and she has been so touched to know that Mikey still not only remembers her, but asks about her often. Before we moved out of the area, she had given Mikey a small photo album with a great picture of the two of them, and he still has it. She is the most amazing woman and I adore her so.

I almost completely forgot that for Mikey's 5th birthday (I believe) Miss Carol made the drive out to us to celebrate his special day. I remember her going out in the jumper with him and bouncing away, and how incredibly happy they were together!

About a year ago, after losing contact for several months, Miss Carol told me that she had been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. It breaks my heart to think of someone so special and loving and caring going through something so torturous. Yet I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that she will display the most beautiful amount of grace and faith that others will be so touched by her.

I am so blessed to know this woman, and I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to seeing her tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


It has never been my intent to let this poor little blog become the redheaded stepchild (not that I have anything against redheads or stepchildren), yet I also don't want to be someone that offers twenty excuses every time I start a blog post about how incredibly busy I am (even though, you know, I am) or why I just can't be bothered to type out a few words.

Last week I decided to stop blogging. I convinced myself that it was no longer a passion, and that I would never get where I really wanted with it (that's a whole 'nother post). Then I told myself to shut up.

Have I ever told you that I'm a fickle person? I learned that word really early in my childhood, because I'm pretty sure my mom used it when referring to me about every other day. Sometimes it was just when I was picking out a candy bar, other times it was more important decisions like a major in college. {and sidenote here: why did I spend so much time hemming and hawing over choosing a major when I would end up giving up in little more than a year or so? Can I somehow get that fickle time back?}

So I won't be closing my blog, and I'll try not to complain when I finally do blog about the million reasons I haven't been here. Doesn't matter anyway, does it?

I have a post I've been wanting to share for about 3 weeks now. That's how lazy my brain is right now. Or my body. Okay both. Honestly, I am a total airhead and I can't ever remember! But okay- now I've totally committed to it and I WILL do it.


Little League is back in a big way. I have to say, since I only have one kid in practices and games that I have to chauffeur, I enjoy this time of year. (When Ikey starts sports, probably not so much.) I love how excited Mikey gets over his practices and his new coach and meeting his new teammates. He just has such a passion for it and I love it.

This year we moved him up to the next level- last year he was in T-ball, then for winter ball (you know, those 80 degree "winter" days in September when we were all sweating) he was in coach pitch. But now we are confident enough in his abilities to understand the rules and to really be able to hang in there with the older kids (most kids are 8 & 9 in this level). I'm excited for him. What am I not excited for you ask? The THREE games in 4 days every other weekend will hold. That I think will do me in.

But I know Mikey will have a blast and I love nothing more than watching my kiddos (or my man) doing the stuff they enjoy. So I suck it up.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm sorry, what?

[click on picture to enlarge, sorry it's not big enough]

Am I the only one not connecting the dots here? Did I flash back to 1982 (or whenever it was, because I'm too lazy to look it up) without realizing it? I mean, the wardrobe is back, so maybe I've been in a time warp this whole time and I just always thought it was Style Recycling?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


It's never a good thing when even you are bored of your own life and don't want to read about it. But I won't go on about how many blog posts I've started and deleted- I'm sure you don't care. ;)

Life has been going through some changes over here on our end of the globe. (do globes even have ends? should I say my curve of the globe?) On New Year's Eve my stepson Cracker Jack (18) came over for the first time in a year. We had only seen him for about 2 hours over the course of that year, and we were kinda to the point of giving up on that changing anytime soon. But it was so awesome having him over, and I can't even tell you how overjoyed (and rambunctious) Mike & Ike were to have him here.

Well, over the course of a few days, him being at our house for a 24 hour visit transformed into him moving in with us and enrolling in college here. A couple friends have told me I'm brave for this, but that just makes me laugh (a little awkwardly) and wonder what the alternative was? He's our son- doesn't matter if he's 18 or 8- he will always have a place in our family and if he's in need, we're here.

I'm blown away by how much he's changed over the past year- and totally for the better! He's responsible(ish) (he is still an 18 year old boyman, after all), he enjoys hanging out with his little bro & sis (despite the 5 trillion questions Mikey seems to shoot at him), and he is just plain pleasant to be around. I'm still thinking he doesn't get our sense of humor, but it's taken us 14 years to perfect our goofiness, so I can't expect him to get it in 2 weeks. But hey- if he's not on board by February 1, you can bet he'll be out on the street.


My grandparents (grandpa & his wife of 20+ years) are visiting from Michigan, so while I'd like to say that my time on the computer has been limited, I'd be lying because quite often I find myself retreating to my bedroom to escape the near-constant blare of the TV (though we did finally figure out how to turn on the closed captioning and that has saved my eardrums- and TV speakers) and absolutely constant talking and repeating of stories I've heard 30 times. I love my grandma, but she is slightly lacking in the "I recognize that Melody needs a few minutes of peace here" department and tends to blab my ear off while I'm trying to do my Bible study or talk to Big Hunk, the kids, etc. I'm enjoying every minute though because I know in a couple days they'll be gone, and I'll miss them all over again. 2500 miles is a long way.

Speaking of which, I should regain my visibility and join the fam. As I write this Cracker Jack is roaming the neighborhood with a couple friends, looking for wet, slippery hills to sled down. Poor deprived LA kids.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

No more wondering where the brain cells have gone

I haven't fallen off the planet. And believe it or not, one of my "goals" for the new year was to blog more. Hmm. I think I'm succeeding, what do you think? ;)

Our New Year has been packed to the brim with exciting changes and unexpected turns of events- none of which I will complain about, but am just taking some time adjusting and making it all my new normal.

And on a sidenote: I just spent ten minutes of my life that I'll never get back watching this. I won't even begin to tell you how incredibly obsessed I was with this in 9th grade. And I can tell now that if my husband ever asks why I can't remember to pay a bill, balance my checkbook or buy him deodorant, it's because all the lyrics to words I haven't heard in almost 20 years are still roaming around this mangled brain of mine. I was only a little embarrassed that I still know every word.