Thursday, September 20, 2007


I SO do not have the time to be on the computer, but I wanted to make a quick update while I'm eating my lunch. Even though I'm done eating... ;)

We are leaving on Monday for a 4 day cruise! I never even got to write about this, but for our anniversary Big Hunk bought us the cruise (down to Ensenada Mexico and back, stopping at Catalina on the way) and I have been so excited to go! At first I was super excited, then freaked out about leaving the kids, now I'm back to excited again. LOL Originally my SIL was going to watch the kiddos, but Big Hunk knew I was having a hard time leaving them and actually decided to fly out his dad and step-mom (from Ohio) to watch them. I am so happy. :) And also, my SIL Mandy will be flying in as well (from her home in Utah), and the kids will have a BLAST. They will all be staying at the apartment in Malibu (BH just leased it through his company, to rent out) and will spend their time swimming and just having fun. I have had no trepidations about this trip since learning the kids will be with my in-laws, and know they will be just fine.

The dog we found the other day is all gone; the next morning Big Hunk drove around and found a sign for the dog, and we took her back to her owners that afternoon. The kids had a really hard time leaving her, but they understood it was the right thing to do. And I'm happy to be back to one dog! Potty-training one is hard enough!

In other good news, the car we had stolen about a month ago (an '87 Honda Prelude, funnily enough LOL) was just found on Tuesday! All in all it was still intact, despite the loser thieves trying to sabotage it. A bunch of hoses were unhooked and pointed every which way (as well as a tired having the air let out) so that gas shot everywhere when the car was started, but thankfully BH was able to get it all squared away. I'm so happy they found it. We had lost hope! We paid very little for it when we bought it in December (for my step-son that thinks he's too good for it), but we've put quite a bit of money getting it running right-- not to mention it's a cool little car! So, that's a good bit of news.

Hopefully I'll have time to post some pictures soon; with homeschooling and my daily house duties, I have NO time anymore. And packing for the trip has taken any spare moments I usually would have. (Which is what I should be doing right now.) I've got some cute ones to share! Between our trip to Disneyland, Sea World and the beach with our friends from Arkansas, and Disneyland yesterday, I've got tons!

Well, gotta teach for a bit today. :) We normally do school in the morning but today I wanted to get some work done on my house, so we need to do it now. It will probably be a light day though and we'll focus on Bible time for now. Then we head to the LA Fair tomorrow for a field trip with our school!

By the way, I will most likely be making this blog private in the next couple days. I never really thought about how much info I put on here and though I don't mind sharing it at all, I would like to at least have an idea of who's reading it. So if you'd like to continue, please just leave a comment with your email address and I'll send ya an invite. ;) Comments will be private, so no fears there. God bless!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

My husband just came home with this...

He found it running in and out of traffic by my nephew's school when they dropped him off a little while ago. I guess my husband almost got hit by a car trying to save her. lol She's the tiniest little thing and was starving, but now we will try to find the owner. ;) I'm sure someone will be looking for her!

It's so funny to see her size compared to my other dog (a St. Bernard/Husky mix puppy) through the glass because even though my dog Roxy is NO WHERE near close to grown, she's a freaking giant compared to this one! This one (who knows how old she is) is the size of a very small cat, but she sure holds her own! She thinks she owns the house already! LOL

Monday, September 10, 2007


As I was sitting here at my laptop to (very) briefly check my email, I hear the kids in the next room. Mikey was getting ready to pray while my nephew M (shall I call him Mars Bar? lol) and Ike listened. I hear Mike say "Lord, thank you for this day. Please let us have a wonderful day and thank you for dying on the cross. Thank you for forgiving our sins. Amen."

:-) My heart swells.

It has been such an amazingly crazy, stressful morning and I so needed that.