Monday, May 12, 2008

Lovin my life!

Wow, what a fast weekend! I couldn't believe it last night when I realized we were about to start our week over again, but the great ones often do go quickly. ;)

What an awesome Mother's Day. I had the best day, and wish I could do it all over again. First off, we had my parents and my sister's family over for a BBQ Saturday night, and that went really well. Everyone came over about 4pm and we spent the evening swimming, eating and hanging out. This was only the second time the cousins have really gotten to hang out much since Thanksgiving, and they had a blast together. And boy did I give birth to two little fishies!! My kids love swimming SOOO much!! Ikey is full-on swimming now! She has always loved the water (which made us quite fearful when she would dive right in) and it has always just clicked with her. Mikey learned how to swim exactly a year ago-- last Mother's Day when we spent the weekend in Palm Springs-- but looks like Ikey wanted an earlier start.

So anyway, my sister and parents left our house at 9:30pm and 10:30 pm, respectively. I didn't get to sleep in too much yesterday because I wanted to go to church, and even the 11:30am service had me getting up 2 1/2 hours ahead of time to get ready. ;) But BH and the kids surprised me with a yummy Starbucks breakfast and coffee,and tons of goodies that were mine all mine. The best part was the cards though; I was a basketcase reading them!! I literally had tears pouring out of my eyes as I saw that Ikey had written "Mommy" for the first time, and the beautiful cards the kids had made me at my Bible study last week. Then, my sweet husband got me a beautiful card that took my breath away with the amazing things he wrote. I really am so blessed. And thankful.

We went to church, then just spent the day around the pool after lunch. We really weren't used to getting home from church so late! LOL We are usually home by 11:30am so it seemed like the whole day flew. After swimming for a couple hours we took the kids to see Speed Racer, and we went out to dinner afterwards.

It was an absolutely perfect day.

Now we are off to our busy week! I have my final mandatory homeschool meeting tonight (where did the year go?), Bible Study tomorrow morning (again, my final one until September) at which we will also have two baby showers, our monthly women's fellowship and study tomorrow night, Awana for the kids Wednesday, and a pizza party on Friday for Mikey's reading incentive program. Dude! The kid didn't know how to read anything but his name when he started school in September, and as of the final count in March (which clearly doesn't even count what he's read April & May) he had read 786 pages!!! I am so so proud of him!! He has BY FAR exceeded my expectations for this school year. I can't believe that next month he'll be promoted to 1st grade! It has been the most fun, rewarding year homeschooling him. Now I know not every year will feel this way, but I have had the best time and am looking forward to next year!

Well, gotta get some stuff done! I have to figure out something to bake for tomorrow's baby shower, and get some more unpacked. I am skipping a trip to the old house today just so I can focus on stuff that needs to be done here. So much to do!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Oh my.

When did I get so old?? Seriously. I feel like I went to bed one night (coincidentally, before moving), and woke up the next morning with not even NEAR enough energy to get through the day!!

I have been on my feet all day, and I finally have to call it quits. Unpacking, cleaning (I feel like I've been cleaning my kitchen for 3 days and am just NOW done!), playing with the kids, shopping... it never ends. And now I have to get up early in the morning so I can sweep and mop this gargantuan of a house before Mike's baseball game (you know, before the 2 hour drive to Malibu, a one hour game, then a 2 hour drive home!), so my parents and sister's family can come over. I can't even tell you how much tile is in this freaking house. All of upstairs (the bedrooms) is carpet, but all downstairs is this really pretty tile (I believe marble, but I'm not sure) except for two small areas. Like I can sit here at the computer and look clear across the house and see nothing but tile. Thaaat's gonna be a fun morning.

Ike is in her bed for the first night tonight, and I'm praying she sleeps well. She has been in our bed every night since we moved, and I feel like I'm getting no sleep. Of course, having her clear down the hallway might not be too good for my sleep either, but we got a monitor today to ease my worries. And not even of her safety! But because that child is a little stinker! One night, quite a while back (a year and a half?), we had rabbits and had gotten them a large cage. We put it in the living room, and that night, I woke up to see the hall light was on. I saw that she was gone from her bed, and as I rolled my eyes and sighed down the hallyway, I found her IN the cage with the rabbits. IN it!! Not just her head, her whole freaking body. At like 3 o'clock in the morning!!! Other times have found her sneaking candy out of the pantry, etc. So needless to say we always put a gate up after that so she couldn't get down the hall, but hence the monitor now. ;) The playroom is right next to her bedroom so I can already see the wheels turning, thinking of a midnight Barbie party.

So not much planned for Mother's Day, but I am so looking forward to it! It's one of my favorite days of the year, being I can expect to be spoiled without looking selfish. LOL Like I said, my parents and sister & her family are coming over tomorrow evening to BBQ (can't wait to try a new shrimp skewers recipe!). Then, we will head to church Sunday morning and hang out the rest of the day. This is one of the few weekends Tom doesn't have baseball, so I will take full advantage of having him home on a Sunday! If the weather cooperates, we'll probably just spend the day out by the pool in the sun. Of course the weather was chilly and overcast all day today though, so we'll see. It changes constantly.

Well I hope everyone has a fabulous Mommy's Day!! ((hugs))

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Oy, what a week.

We are all (sorta) moved into our new house. We still have til the end of the month to get out of our old one, so sadly that is not much of a motivator to get done early. Yet it's still looming over our heads and I can't wait to just be done with that house.

If anyone were to come over my house right now, they'd surely wonder what in the world I've done with my time. So, I'd show them my nicely lined kitchen cupboards and pray they'd understand how very long it took to wipe down every cupboard and drawer (because the last tenants definitely did not do it the entire time they were here!).

I've unpacked ONE box.

I am now in the process of stripping the dirty, peeling shelf paper from my gigantic pantry before I can even put our food in there.

But I really shouldn't complain about all of this because this house is wonderful and we are so blessed.

So bees are a blessing, right? ;) Because we have thousands. They weren't there the first few days we were here, but yesterday while I was out swimming with the kids I noticed quite a few swarming around this one corner of our yard. Sure enough, there were even more by the time Big Hunk got home from his baseball game, and we could tell they were all going under this large plastic rock that's there. So, Hunkie decided to give them all a bath last night. ;) You would not believe the PILE of bees after he did that. It was disgusting. But, most of them were still alive and kicking today. So needless to say no swimming for a couple days. He got some bee killer tonight and hopefully that will do the trick, because a local exterminator wanted to charge $250 to take care of it!!

I started this entry on Monday, and it's now Tuesday night. I am so stinking tired. I am getting NO down time right now, so by the end of the day I am just wiped out. Tuesdays are always a bit crazy anyway, but today especially. I had Bible study this morning (only one more week until we break for the summer) then after that the kids & I headed over to the old house to load up some stuff and knocking down my to-do list there. I only planned on staying a little bit, but we ended up being there until like 5pm (we got there about noon) and Tom had to pick up dinner on his way home. Augh. I got a lot done there, but nothing done at the new house and we are still living out of boxes. I hate having to dig through stacks and stacks of clothes to find something to wear.

Well I'm tired and I should go because I don't want to do anything but complain. ;)