Wednesday, January 20, 2010


It's never a good thing when even you are bored of your own life and don't want to read about it. But I won't go on about how many blog posts I've started and deleted- I'm sure you don't care. ;)

Life has been going through some changes over here on our end of the globe. (do globes even have ends? should I say my curve of the globe?) On New Year's Eve my stepson Cracker Jack (18) came over for the first time in a year. We had only seen him for about 2 hours over the course of that year, and we were kinda to the point of giving up on that changing anytime soon. But it was so awesome having him over, and I can't even tell you how overjoyed (and rambunctious) Mike & Ike were to have him here.

Well, over the course of a few days, him being at our house for a 24 hour visit transformed into him moving in with us and enrolling in college here. A couple friends have told me I'm brave for this, but that just makes me laugh (a little awkwardly) and wonder what the alternative was? He's our son- doesn't matter if he's 18 or 8- he will always have a place in our family and if he's in need, we're here.

I'm blown away by how much he's changed over the past year- and totally for the better! He's responsible(ish) (he is still an 18 year old boyman, after all), he enjoys hanging out with his little bro & sis (despite the 5 trillion questions Mikey seems to shoot at him), and he is just plain pleasant to be around. I'm still thinking he doesn't get our sense of humor, but it's taken us 14 years to perfect our goofiness, so I can't expect him to get it in 2 weeks. But hey- if he's not on board by February 1, you can bet he'll be out on the street.


My grandparents (grandpa & his wife of 20+ years) are visiting from Michigan, so while I'd like to say that my time on the computer has been limited, I'd be lying because quite often I find myself retreating to my bedroom to escape the near-constant blare of the TV (though we did finally figure out how to turn on the closed captioning and that has saved my eardrums- and TV speakers) and absolutely constant talking and repeating of stories I've heard 30 times. I love my grandma, but she is slightly lacking in the "I recognize that Melody needs a few minutes of peace here" department and tends to blab my ear off while I'm trying to do my Bible study or talk to Big Hunk, the kids, etc. I'm enjoying every minute though because I know in a couple days they'll be gone, and I'll miss them all over again. 2500 miles is a long way.

Speaking of which, I should regain my visibility and join the fam. As I write this Cracker Jack is roaming the neighborhood with a couple friends, looking for wet, slippery hills to sled down. Poor deprived LA kids.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

No more wondering where the brain cells have gone

I haven't fallen off the planet. And believe it or not, one of my "goals" for the new year was to blog more. Hmm. I think I'm succeeding, what do you think? ;)

Our New Year has been packed to the brim with exciting changes and unexpected turns of events- none of which I will complain about, but am just taking some time adjusting and making it all my new normal.

And on a sidenote: I just spent ten minutes of my life that I'll never get back watching this. I won't even begin to tell you how incredibly obsessed I was with this in 9th grade. And I can tell now that if my husband ever asks why I can't remember to pay a bill, balance my checkbook or buy him deodorant, it's because all the lyrics to words I haven't heard in almost 20 years are still roaming around this mangled brain of mine. I was only a little embarrassed that I still know every word.