Saturday, January 9, 2010

No more wondering where the brain cells have gone

I haven't fallen off the planet. And believe it or not, one of my "goals" for the new year was to blog more. Hmm. I think I'm succeeding, what do you think? ;)

Our New Year has been packed to the brim with exciting changes and unexpected turns of events- none of which I will complain about, but am just taking some time adjusting and making it all my new normal.

And on a sidenote: I just spent ten minutes of my life that I'll never get back watching this. I won't even begin to tell you how incredibly obsessed I was with this in 9th grade. And I can tell now that if my husband ever asks why I can't remember to pay a bill, balance my checkbook or buy him deodorant, it's because all the lyrics to words I haven't heard in almost 20 years are still roaming around this mangled brain of mine. I was only a little embarrassed that I still know every word.

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