Saturday, November 8, 2008


I logged into my long-forgotten Flickr account so I can attach the photos (that I will one day upload) to my new website.

This was the only photo I'd added there. Sooooo cute! Ikey was 22 months here- could she BE more adorable??

And I'll just tackle the elephant in the room. Yes, I threw away that shirt.

The fam.

I feel like we have been SO busy. I homeschool and I am a stay-at-home mom, but I promise, we're hardly ever here. I have my weekly Bible Study (the kids come with me), the kids have AWANA every week, and then there's Friday school (on, um, Fridays). Add to that church services and Big Hunk's baseball games that are starting again and you can understand why we love the new gas prices so much. :)

Our school (since we homeschool, it's actually a private school thru our church) has Friday school, like I mentioned above. Both the kids are enrolled: Mike is taking a health/safety class and a science class, and Ike is taking health/safety and a ABC's storytime kind of class. It's a lot of fun for them to get taught by someone other than Mom, and I get to cuddle with the cute babies in the nursery while they are in class. :) We didn't do Friday school last year because there was only one class offered for Mikey, but I'm totally enjoying it this year. Next week is actually our last day until January because of the holidays.

Okay. So maybe we don't have so much going on. Because now I have nothing to say.

Quick notes, maybe?
  • It is nature's cruel trick that in order to fight pimples from hell, I can't use my wrinkle cream. Pimples and wrinkles should never plague the same person at once.
  • Our car is paid off. Yay!
  • Christmas is less than 2 months away and now we're planning our New Year's party.
  • My dog stinks.
  • My dog has been stealing poop out of the catbox and eating it on my living room carpet. Sometimes leaving her leftovers for us.
  • I love iCarly.
  • I bought a new cupcake decorating book and am now obsessed with trying them all out. Who would NOT love a cupcake that looks like corn on the cob??
  • Or an owl?
  • My new favorite show is Rob & Big. I don't get how we missed it this long.
  • Or a chicken leg?
  • I am, once again, hooked on Seinfeld again. I watch it every night before bed.
  • I broke my cute little coffeepot. It was a 4 cup size and was perfect.
  • I LOVE pumpkin spice coffee and I'm sure to go through my 2-lb bag in a week.
  • Pumpkin spice creamer with pumpkin spice coffee? Not so much.
  • I don't know how Arnold Schwarzenagger was ever elected.
  • I'm getting my hair cut on Monday!
Okay. This bullet list may very well have become obnoxious now, so I'm out.