Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A new look!

Love my new blog look! It was truly a pain in the butt I could have done without, but it was free so I won't complain. But now that it's all done I truly love how it looks!

So much is going on lately (and then again, not) that I feel like I'm always running mini-blog posts through my brain but never sit down to write it out. Do you ever do that? Wait, don't answer that.

Yesterday Big Hunk finally had a day off that we could spend as a family. Prior to Sunday he worked 11 days straight, and when it came time to have Sunday off, that's his baseball day and he spent 3 hours running around in the sun. This boy works 11 hour days, on his feet the whole time. He really needed a day off. So, he had Tuesday off as well and we found a cute little (little) water park about 40 minutes away. It's super teeny compared to the huge water parks around here, but the kids didn't care. Neither did our wallets- because when you have teeny, you have cheap. And the best part is, when you pay for a day you get a free day pass to use later, so we will head back on BH's next day off (which hopefully comes before October).

But, our waterproof camera that I LOVE ate it while we were there. We've only had the camera for a year and I'm hoping I have the warranty info somewhere (looking around my office I can guarantee I most certainly do have it, because apparently I throw nothing away).

I have no idea what's going on with Mikey's face here.
What does a good mom do? Does she help her daughter as the water comes pouring down unexpectedly? Or does she laugh and take pictures?

Speaking of cameras, this would be the camera I did not take whale watching a couple weeks ago. My Nikon? Nope, not that one either. Well let me rephrase that. I most certainly did bring my Nikon. I just did not bring my Nikon battery. Apparently that's a necessity or something. Who knew? My Kodak backup that I brought to take videos? Yeah, never charged the battery. So you had me, someone who always has to have a camera handy, and you had my hands, empty. With the world's largest animal mere feet away. I'm surprised I didn't need anxiety medication to get me through the day.

Well I actually did snag Mikey's cheapo camera to sustain my addiction. He was none too happy about that either. I won't even name how many times he asked to have his camera (that I had packed for him, so I don't feel bad) and I would give it to him, only to snatch it back when a Fuji moment presented itself. He'll get over it.

It was an awesome experience though and I can't wait to blog about it and upload the videos. Take some Dramamine first though, because steady hands I have not.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Woo hoo! Just hit 1,000 views on my blog today! Well this is only the past few months since I added the counter, but I never dreamed I'd even hit that. Something about that nerdy girl in high school still in me. ;-)