Sunday, September 6, 2009

I miss my blog!

We have been without internet at home for 2 weeks now (or 16 days, 12 hours & 36 minutes, but who's counting?) I can honestly say that I don't miss it much, but I'm glad to have it for a few minutes right now as I kill time at Big Hunk's work. He's doing paperwork and the kids are fighting incessantly watching a movie. I am able to use Big Hunk's internet on his phone in the evenings, but I hate typing on that thing, and a blog entry on that thing would be as close to torture as a day without sugar-free grape koolaid. B.A.D.

We haven't been up to much. We started school a couple weeks ago, and BH has been working like crazy. This is actually the first time in over a month that he (thankfully) has 2 days off in a row. He's exhausted all the time and feels like he never sees us. That could be good or bad. ;)

We've been going through a couple changes as well. After MUCH prayer and driving myself (and BH crazy), we decided to leave our homeschool group this year. And really, it has been such a sad decision for me- one that I still second-guess and wish there could have been a different outcome. I miss those girls so much. But, one requirement of our homeschool group is that you attend the same church, which we did for 3 1/2 years, and loved it. But lately our hearts have been stirring to go elsewhere, and it didn't feel like it was where God wanted us anymore. Or maybe it was just us, I don't know. But it hasn't been "home" for awhile, and we've been looking around. We've been to two others the past few weeks, and don't know where God will lead us. The kids are super happy at one close to our house and we love the pastor's teachings as well, but it's HUGE. Not quite as large as our old church, but still get-lost-in-a-sea-of-people-every-Sunday large. So, we are just praying and seeking. It was such a hard decision to leave our church that we've loved for this long. Well, I need to rephrase that. It was actually harder to leave our homeschool group, and leaving the church just felt right. Sadly. But the peace we have when thinking about that decision (the church, that is) shows me it was the right choice. I'm excited to see where God wants us and what part we can play there.

Okay, so I had my blog fix. Hopefully BH will be done soon and we can rush off to Walmart. Or not. Come to think of it, he can take his time. ;)