Thursday, December 31, 2009

My year

Whew. I just worked out and I think I pulled my epidermis.

As I sat and tried to pull up some photos from this year earlier today, it hit me how incredibly uneventful our year really was. Which I guess can be good and bad- good because it means no traumatic things have happened; bad because the year flew by with nothing monumental on our plates. It is what it is.

To be honest, this year was not my favorite. Actually, it was one of my least favorites. We started it off with moving to a much smaller house in February (which I can't complain about, because we were living in one of the nicest houses I've ever laid eyes on, and we really didn't deserve it). My husband's company, that had been so blessed from day one, went out of business and we were left with nothing. Three years living high on the hog (to sounds like a grammy), to barely being able to afford groceries. Or, to have to make the choice between rent & electricity. But God's hand is still upon us regardless of our situation (and always will be!) and we are so thankful for the amazing ways He provides for us everyday. It is only by His grace that we still have a roof over our heads and to Him, and Him, alone be the glory.

My absolute favorite memory of the year is our trip to the mountains in February. We had just recently moved and Big Hunk was about to start his new job, so we took advantage of his few last days as a free man, and the free weekend stay in a beautiful Big Bear cabin. It was one of the most wonderful times we've ever shared as a family. No internet, cable or phone- just our sweet foursome and lots of solitude.

My least favorite memory? Hands down, my baby girl getting hurt.

So in no particular order, here are some of my favorite pictures and/or memories of the year.

As I look back on all these photos (and boy, you don't know how many didn't make the cut. I am a little camera happy), I realize that despite all the hardships we've faced this year, it still has been pretty great.

Our year has included {and is partially evidenced in photos above}: moving, a new puppy; Ikey getting her ears pierced on her 5th birthday; swimming; whale watching (which was more awesome than I can even describe); more swimming; baseball; concerts; finally meeting my sweet friend Linny; being written off forever by my sister; more baseball; adopting 2 kittens; saying goodbye to old friendships; embracing new friends... did I miss anything? How in the world I can look at all that and think my year was boring is a mystery. ;) All that to say, we are a busy folk and I love my life.

Happy New Year!

{and my main goal for 2010 is to be more on top of things. guess i'm already succeeding because hello, I posted this all in one sitting, rather than hitting save and walking away for a day or three. go me!}


  1. Nice post Mrs. Kopp : ) was looking back over the year also, and I think the worst was when kid # 2 was hurt. That was probably the worst I've felt in a long time, for her sake of course, and I hope nothing like that will happen again. I've decided to go on hiatus from baby-sitting, just for the moment, but I'll always still be open to watching as you called them, "Mike and Ike." : ) Happy New Years!

  2. It has been fun getting to know you this past year. Here's to hope in 2010!!!

  3. Nice pictures!! I know exactly what you mean...nothing notable for the year and yet when you look at the photos it seems the year was so full ;) I hope 2010 is much less stressful for you.

    Happy New Year my friend :)

  4. I love the year in pics. I LOVE the pic of you and IKE (is that right?)at the ballpark. The one of mike and Ike praying, and the one of the flower path on the beach. Beautiful. My last year has felt sort of un-eventful too. I want this coming year to be remembered as a year of true growth in my walk with the Lord. I pray I won't have a nonchalant year in that regard. But like you said, in bad things...hey- nothing needed there! Hope you guys are having a good January. :)


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