Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Last talk about pups.

Well! I have neglected posting any type of update to my last post because I like to pretend I'm cleaning my house and getting important things done. But as I type this the kids are playing Xbox, laundry is in the wash & lunch is on the stove (see: macaroni & cheese), so the fort is upholding itself.

I will most certainly not bore you with all the details. And boy are there details. And tails.

In a nutshell, despite every vow my husband and I have ever made to not do so, the kids & I came home on Friday with a ratdog. More specifically, a puppy that weighs no more than 2 pounds (at 11 wks), could fit entirely in the mouth of our other (real) dog, and is about a third the size of our cat. We're talking purse-dog.

Her name is Daisy, and she is absolutely adorable in the "a face only a mother could love" way. But she's so stinking lovable that it makes you look past the bugged out eyes and Chia pet hair. I have decided today that she looks a lot like Scrat from Ice Age.

Daisy has been a perfect fit to our family. The kids adore her. Ikey loves having someone to torture carry around and both kids are so excited to get a little purse to take her every where we go. I will let you imagine how excited Big Hunk is about that. But don't let his masculinity fool you. Many times I've found Daisy asleep in his lap. Once, she was asleep on his chest while he was asleep on the bed. So yeah, she's cute.
Our dog Roxy though? She's not too sure what Daisy even is. Surely this little furry sausage can't be a dog too. 

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