Friday, April 24, 2009

Way out west...

For the love of Bob, please watch this. Anyone local may have seen this commercial (and Arkansas may have had a Jack in the Box at one time or another, but the jury is still out on that one...) but this commercial just cracks me up. Moreso because of the memories it invokes.

I'll let you in on the magic that is my mind. About a month ago, we saw this commercial for the first time. I just giggled a little and was a little flabbergasted. I didn't say anything, but I think I may have looked a little confused.

I can't be sure.

The next night we saw it again and I told Big Hunk "Those are probably fake." He laughed, looked at me in disbelief and said "Seriously?? They are definitely fake. There's no 'probably' about it." He was clearly in shock that his wife could seriously look at 2 foot tall cows and even think for a second that they could be real.

In my defense... okay nevermind. There is no defense. I don't know why I thought there were seriously "cows the size of schnauzers" somewhere in this world that I had just never heard of.

I am aware that I can be a little naive.


  1. But there are miniature horses! They're seriously TINY and creepy looking (you've gotta google it).

  2. LOL- I probably would've done the same thing- no kidding. When I went out to Wyoming, I asked a hotel manager where we could look at the "jackalopes" I saw on a postcard in the lobby. I am sure they still joke at that hotel about the woman who believed those animals were real. Oh well- glad I could make their day!

  3. You are funny. I once asked Josh something similar about Buffalo Wings... Yes I wasn't sure why they were called Buffalo Wings and I still am not!


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