Wednesday, April 8, 2009


A friend of mine, a mom from Mikey's teeball team, called me up the other day. She said she knows that I love to take pictures (being my camera is always in my hand) & that I have a nice camera, so she was curious if I was a professional photographer. Can I tell you right there how much I love her? That was the sweetest thing she could have ever said to me, even if she'd never seen any of my photos. ;) Anyway, she is a real estate agent and wanted to know if I'd consider taking photos of her properties when she lists them.

My first instinct, as much as this is a dream of mine, was to run and hide. It's totally out of my comfort zone to do something for someone else when I am not completely confident in my abilities. Not that I'm ever completely confident in anything because I'm one of the most self-conscious people on earth. But if someone is going to depend on me (and pay me, nonetheless) I don't want to let them down! But I agreed to think about it and in the meantime she was going to send me photos from a recent listing so I could see what she wants.

So, my first job is Friday. I am nervous as all get out because half of the photos I usually take for fun are crud (okay, 3/4 of them). I have seriously crazed myself into thinking I'll have to refund her money when she hates them. On top of that, it's supposed to rain on Friday. Which means, natural light is out the window. Or isn't out the window. You know what I mean. It's so weird, I think I've used the flash on my camera like 3 times. And every time I've tried I HATE it with all capitals because it is so stinking bright! My camera even has an option to minimize the flash, yet when I turn it down all the way it makes NO difference. So, no flash for you.

As nervous as I am, I'm excited too. I LOVE taking photos and I would love to make a part-time career out of this. This is a great start! (And hey- houses don't generally move as much as kids, so I have good chances of the pictures being clear.) And if my friend likes the ones I take, she'll let me do all her photos. That could lead to working with some of her colleagues as well. So I'm praying this goes well!

It's just amazing to me how we can pray to God that He would guide us according to His will and that He would help us with all that we're going through. We know He'll show up. Yet it is almost never in a way we expect, and I love the surprises!


  1. That is so much fun! You'll do an awesome job. I, too, would be thrilled with such an offer and wouldn't be able to refuse (heck, I'd do it for free!). Plus, have you seen the photos that a lot of realtors take? They're pretty typically greatly lacking. You will blow them out of the water with yo skillz! ;-)

  2. YAY!!! That's wonderful!

    I'm still learning my camera too, but I've found that the auto setting works well indoors with the flash. If you're not getting exactly what you want and it's still dark, you could try the low light (or night) setting and still use the flash. It will show the shutter speed down enough to adjust the light. The only problem I've had is that if you need to be close for it to come out clear. I haven't tried just a room though so maybe it would look much more clear when a person is not in the photo.

    Good luck! You're going to do great!


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