Saturday, April 18, 2009

All this talk of litter and bugs is making me hungry.

Have you heard that next year, SunChips will be introducing a 100% compostable bag? I am so thrilled. I have always loved SunChips, but more from the selfish, gotta-have-that-salt standpoint. To know that they are taking such a drastic step to reduce waste and not just lessen our footprint, but even better our environment just makes me want to eat some more.

Now, our family is far from where we need to be as far as going greener. I am not one that gets all crazy about people that drive SUV's (ahem, because I'm one of them) or that remembers to unplug every appliance when I'm not using it. But I do try to do my part. In addition to being a (very very) new composter, we recycle any cardboard or plastic (glass, etc) that comes into our house. Now that's a small step. But I love that companies like SunChips aren't just putting on the blinders to make a profit, but are listening to what's important to their customers.

So hello litter-bugs, next time your little selfish butt throws that bag out the window on the interstate, at least you can know you're doing your part too.

*This message not paid for or endorsed by SunChips. I just love 'em and had to share why I think they're even more awesome now.


  1. Good for them! I love Sun Chips too, but mostly because I don't feel as guilty eating a chip that is multi grain LOL!

  2. the bags sound funny when they crinkle! we have some in our cupboard now:)

  3. We've been composters for years. Neat to hear that about SunChips!

  4. Yum. That photo has made me hungry, lol!!


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