Friday, April 3, 2009

Pretty soon!

After a mighty stressful morning yesterday, we will pick up our puppy this afternoon! I cannot even tell you how excited the kids are, nor how much I am wondering when I completely lost my marbles. Because evidently, we are getting a puppy.

This kind of snowballed rather quickly, and I don't remember when seeing my friend's dog at church last week turned into getting our own 2/3 month old puppy 7 days later.

Originally the shelter had her listed as five months old and a shepherd mix (remember in my last post how I couldn't figure out why she'd be so small if she is a shepherd?) Well now they tell me she's two or three months old, and it's suspected (by Big Hunk & the girl that helped me yesterday) that she may have some terrier in her. I can't tell how not happy that makes me because I've never really seen a terrier I liked, but I guess there's a first time for everything.

For now, Mike & Ike are so stinking excited and just may even do their chores to keep her.

(at the shelter yesterday, getting to hold her- and really even pet her!- for the first time.)

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