Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Staying afloat

I've been trying desperately to actually update this pathetic blog for over a week now. But I feel like when my home and my life are a disorganized mess, the last thing I can justify is sitting at the computer pounding on the keys. Though most times I think that would be beneficial for my sanity. Or lack of.

So instead? I'm sending this from my phone (along with a photo that has nothing to do with anything) while I let my dishes soak and download a computer program. Oh- and watch the Dancing with the Stars finale that aired NINE DAYS AGO. The chaos knows no bounds. (And I'll casually slip in here that we had a field trip yesterday that I *completely* forgot about, until the coordinator called to give me direction changes. Two hours before it started. Doesn't matter that I had been looking forward to this field trip for weeks. Chaos.)

So yeah. I'm trying to find the bottom of paperwork stacks that should have been dealt with weeks ago, I'm determined to find that floor that is rumored to be in my office, and I'm trying to get bills in order when I'd much rather let the dust bunnies eat them.


  1. Hey there! I know what you mean. I haven't updated my blog in a while...I have so many ideas to post...I can't say "finding the time" because, I know when I can do it, mine is more finding the energy to produce a post that would make some sort of sence. KWIM?
    I haven't tried typing from my phone yet, I'm sure I could do that, but am not quite sure how yet (I have a blackberry so it probably works with WP, but just never tried).

    Anyway, miss seeing your posts here! :)

  2. I so feel your pain. Just keeping on top of things like food and clothing seems a massive challenge. Let alone anything creative or otherwise extra-curricular. It's not even the holidays that have me overwhelmed...just regular stuff! Eeek! Good luck finding your floor...I hope to unearth my office/sewing room floor sometime before 2010!


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