Saturday, November 21, 2009

Back in the dark ages...

...forty-one years ago, my sweet husband was born. (I won't mention the fact that my parents weren't even married yet; so I was still 8 years and some months away from being made. But we won't mention that.)

Big Hunk (also known as Tom to anyone that can't handle the truth) and I met at a gas station (where I worked) in late 1995. I was just fresh out of high school and he was, um,
not. But it was love at first sight and I adored this man with every ounce of my being from the moment we first exchanged pager numbers.

{I may or may not recall one of his first words to me being "chocolate", but I swear that had nothing to do with it.}

When I met and fell in love with Tom, I was given an incredible opportunity most women don't get. I was able to see what a wonderful daddy he was from the moment we met.

And though I didn't need any assistance wanting to spend the rest of my life with this man, it certainly didn't hurt to see how caring and loving he was with his boys. Fixing their owies; comforting them as they cried when we had to drop them back off at their mom's; making every sacrifice possible to better their lives. He was, and is, a great dad.

We have walked quite a rocky road, but we always find one another at the end of it. When I met my Big Hunk, he was a single dad of two little boys that were 4 & 6. Now, nearly 14 years later, we have been married 10 years, have two little ones of our own, and his sons are grown.

Happy Birthday my sweet man. I love you so very much and am a better woman because of you.

Oh yes, you complete me.


  1. Those pictures all made me teary-eyed... EXCEPT for the last one. Which, of course, made me laugh hysterically. LOVE IT.

    Happy Birthday to Tom. :-)

  2. So sweet, Melody. Every wife should adore her husband the way you do Tom. Happy Birthday to your BH! : )

  3. Happy Birthday Tom!! (Sorry I just can't bring myself to call you Big Hunk.LOL) I am so glad that you bring such joy to my sweet friend - and thank you for watching the kids so she could shop and eat frozen yogurt with me!! You rock and I pray that this year is your best one yet!!


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