Wednesday, November 4, 2009

So proud.

The kids' Awana group is trying to recruit shoeboxes of gifts and goodies for Operation Christmas Child, and their boxes are due tonight. Boxes that will bless little boys and girls all over the world that may not know any other Christmas.

Last week I told Mikey that I just didn't know if we could afford it right now. (Seriously. I could not kick myself more now.) His answer? "Well just take it out of my allowance!"

Yes I cried. And yes I am so stinking proud that he wouldn't even miss a beat- he just knew we needed to do it.

And no I'm not taking it out of his allowance.

I think his willingness just speaks volumes about his little heart and I am so very proud of him.


  1. So precious!
    They talked about it in chapel this morning and how all the kids could do a box at home. We got our box stuff together last was a blast explaining to the 5 yo and the 3 yo why soap and toothpaste would be considered a great Christmas gift to some little kid on the other side of the world. Not as easy was explaining why they couldn't put their dolls or the Monopoly game into the box too! I would've thought that was the easier one to comprehend!

  2. I love Operation Christmas Child! We participate every year :)

    What a beautiful heart Mikey has, you should definitely be proud of the selfless boy you are raising!


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