Sunday, November 15, 2009

Horrible night

*11/15 Edited to add: I typed this last night from my cell phone, so if there are typos or doesn't make sense I'm sorry. ;)*

I would have to say tonight easily ranks as my worst ever. But I can look back now and see God's hand in all of it and see how He orchestrated it all so beautifully.

It started with a phone call. I was with friends about 30 minutes from my house (my friend had driven us). After being there exactly an hour, my friend (whose daughter was babysitting Mike & Ike) called to tell me she had just talked to her daughter J and that Ikey was bleeding. She said Mikey was calling BH (whom was still at work) and she was heading right over there.

I went inside & whispered to my friend Jen that I needed her to pray for Ike. She took me aside & prayed for my sweet girl. I knew it could be something totally minor, and prayed that was the case.I honestly didn't think it would be anything major, and just thought my friend was giving me the heads up to be safe.

I was able to get hold of BH right away and he was on his way home. He didn't know much until he got there, but he told me that our dog Roxy had bitten Ikey on the face. When he got home, he called me and told me "you need to get home NOW."

My sweet friend drove me to the ER where J's mom had driven Big Hunk and Ikey. It took forever! Saturday evening and we managed to hit Friday rush hour traffic. I was so thankful I didn't have to drive though; I was a basketcase.

When I got to the ER I went back to Ikey's room (turns out BH went through the ambulance entrance and ensured himself prompt attention in doing so) and the nurse was explaining to Ikey that they would need to give her a shot. Um yeah. That went over well. My daughter can't scrape her knee without screaming bloody murder, so telling her she'd get a shot was awesome. Anyway, they were giving her K*etamine, which is actually the street drug S*pecial K. The doc explained it would put her in a trance- she wouldn't be knocked out but she would be completely unaware of what was going on. Wow- that girl was out of it so darn quick (after screaming at the top of her lungs through the shot) and the nurses were shocked. (The doctor had gotten on the phone because he thought it would take much longer, lol.)

Her eyes immediately glazed over and she stopped responding to us. It was just surreal. Had they not explained what would happen, I would have freaked out.

The doctor proceeded to give Ikey her stitches, and we waited in the hall (I couldn't handen, I would have freaked out. The doctor proceeded to give Ikey her stitches, and we waited in the hall (I couldn't handle the gurgling and groaning noises she was making). After about 10 minutes (or 10 hours, in mommy time) the doctor explained everything and we waited for her to wake up. And waited. Suffice it to say she had no desire to leave her slumber! They had us tickling her feet and talking to her nonstop to get her to wake up, but she wasn't having it. It took us probably an hour before she was awake enough to leave- she couldn't even lift her head, let alone walk like one nurse had originally said was required. Thankfully after many pleas from my baby girl to go home, they let us go.

Now my sweet girl is lying between my husband and me, completely peaceful. It is a true miracle she has had no pain thus far. There should be minimal scarring. I can't even begin to show my appreciation for the tons of people praying for my girl tonight; I am so so grateful.

I am thankful for so many things tonight.

  • I am thankful my husband was only down the street. 
  • I'm thankful my friend (whose daughter was babysitting) was close by and was able to rush over.
  • I'm thankful I had asked my friend to drive tonight.
  • I am so thankful my baby girl had her daddy there to comfort her and hold her (he was so amazing with her!).
  • I am thankful for my amazing friends, lifting up my sweet girl in prayer, when my spirit could only groan.
  • I am very thankful for the nursing staff & doctor that cared for my little girl so swiftly and lovingly.
Most of all, I am so very thankful my God knew exactly what would happen, long before it did, and that His hand was on my baby girl the entire time.


  1. That is so scary. I read your tweet that it sounded like maybe a cut from being scratched and not a bite. Were there multiple lacerations? Does she remember this? What happened to cause the dog to react this way, do you know?

    I think you know my son was just bit recently and it was so shocking. He has grown up around dogs, big dogs, and we've noticed a real difference in his comfort level around dogs since this happened. That really bums us out. Trying to figure out how to handle that for him.

    Praying for your girl and her swift and total healing. And that this doesn't have a long term psychological effect on her.


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