Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Camels and airheads

Holy cow. December 17th? Really??


I can't really complain since I'm further on my Christmas shopping than I normally am this time of year (read: I've bought more than one present) and I guess I'm a little more prepared, but I truly feel like every year it comes quicker. I always want to sit back and enjoy the time with my kids but how can I do that when December 25th keeps sneaking up on me?! 8 days people!

Big Hunk and I went shopping this weekend while my parents watched the kids. We've never really been the type to shop separately and really enjoy doing it all together, but it gets increasingly hard with more and more family members dropping off the face of the planet each year and those darn kids climbing out of the trunk every time we lock them in.

Oh I'm just kidding, we tie them up first.

A couple weeks ago the kids & I took a field trip to see Glory of Christmas at the Crystal Cathedral. It was so amazingly beautiful, so I was so excited for Big Hunk to see it soon. Thanks to half-price discount nights, he got his chance Tuesday. And by "tuesday", I mean we got a babysitter, dressed up, and rushed off to Orange County only to find out that my tickets were actually for Thursday and I am a total airhead. {Well we knew about the airhead part.}

Thankfully the staff there was incredibly gracious and immediately switched my tickets over, no questions asked. AND, our seats were even better than the ones I had bought for Thursday. Score! The funniest part of our night- besides my airhead moment- was one of the camels trying to bite anyone that was near him. It smelled like incense in there, so maybe the scent brought him back to his college days and he suddenly had the munchies, I don't know. But it was entertaining.

Now if you have any desire to gain 13 trillion pounds like I am this holiday season, make these cookies. So worth the 50 months of P90X I'll be starting on January 1st.

Camels everywhere love them.


  1. You look great! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

  2. oh, how funny! love the picture of you two! congrats by the way on the Christmas shopping progress:)

  3. Just wanted to say hi! I've been swamped but should be around after our vacation and after Christmas :)

    Hope you have a blessed Christmas with the ones you love!

  4. Cute picture of you guys! Glad you were able to see the show. Merry Christmas!!


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