Monday, May 12, 2008

Lovin my life!

Wow, what a fast weekend! I couldn't believe it last night when I realized we were about to start our week over again, but the great ones often do go quickly. ;)

What an awesome Mother's Day. I had the best day, and wish I could do it all over again. First off, we had my parents and my sister's family over for a BBQ Saturday night, and that went really well. Everyone came over about 4pm and we spent the evening swimming, eating and hanging out. This was only the second time the cousins have really gotten to hang out much since Thanksgiving, and they had a blast together. And boy did I give birth to two little fishies!! My kids love swimming SOOO much!! Ikey is full-on swimming now! She has always loved the water (which made us quite fearful when she would dive right in) and it has always just clicked with her. Mikey learned how to swim exactly a year ago-- last Mother's Day when we spent the weekend in Palm Springs-- but looks like Ikey wanted an earlier start.

So anyway, my sister and parents left our house at 9:30pm and 10:30 pm, respectively. I didn't get to sleep in too much yesterday because I wanted to go to church, and even the 11:30am service had me getting up 2 1/2 hours ahead of time to get ready. ;) But BH and the kids surprised me with a yummy Starbucks breakfast and coffee,and tons of goodies that were mine all mine. The best part was the cards though; I was a basketcase reading them!! I literally had tears pouring out of my eyes as I saw that Ikey had written "Mommy" for the first time, and the beautiful cards the kids had made me at my Bible study last week. Then, my sweet husband got me a beautiful card that took my breath away with the amazing things he wrote. I really am so blessed. And thankful.

We went to church, then just spent the day around the pool after lunch. We really weren't used to getting home from church so late! LOL We are usually home by 11:30am so it seemed like the whole day flew. After swimming for a couple hours we took the kids to see Speed Racer, and we went out to dinner afterwards.

It was an absolutely perfect day.

Now we are off to our busy week! I have my final mandatory homeschool meeting tonight (where did the year go?), Bible Study tomorrow morning (again, my final one until September) at which we will also have two baby showers, our monthly women's fellowship and study tomorrow night, Awana for the kids Wednesday, and a pizza party on Friday for Mikey's reading incentive program. Dude! The kid didn't know how to read anything but his name when he started school in September, and as of the final count in March (which clearly doesn't even count what he's read April & May) he had read 786 pages!!! I am so so proud of him!! He has BY FAR exceeded my expectations for this school year. I can't believe that next month he'll be promoted to 1st grade! It has been the most fun, rewarding year homeschooling him. Now I know not every year will feel this way, but I have had the best time and am looking forward to next year!

Well, gotta get some stuff done! I have to figure out something to bake for tomorrow's baby shower, and get some more unpacked. I am skipping a trip to the old house today just so I can focus on stuff that needs to be done here. So much to do!

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