Wednesday, June 4, 2008

M to the I

Today is day 5 that we've been up in northern Michigan visiting my grandpa. We have had the BEST time and though we're not leaving here until Friday, I am already missing it here so much.

In the 5 days we've been up here we have rafted 10 miles down the Au Sable River, visited Mackinac Island (my new favorite place on earth) and biked 10 miles- and bought tons of fudge!, went bowling, kayaked and went out on the paddle boat, and have gone to our favorite ice cream house twice (so far!). Yet with all the fun we've had and the time we've spent with my grandpa and his wife, it is all marked with a hint of sadness because I am so so sad to be leaving here in two days. I already miss my grandpa so so much.

I feel like I could spend the next 3 years with him and it wouldn't be enough. Why is it you don't really appreciate your grandparents and the time you get to spend with them until you're older (as are they) and your time together is so seldom? My grandpa is 78 years old and I don't know how much time I have left with him, but I wish I could just move here now and spend every moment with him.

My grandpa just adores Ikey. It is so cute. He has only seen her once before, and she was just a month old. She just has him wrapped around her little finger. :) My grandpa never smiles much, but the few times I have seen him grin ear-to-ear the past few days are when Ikey is in his sights. Today we went out for ice cream and she kept making funny faces while she ate her bright yellow, red & blue ice cream. He couldn't take his eyes off her and would laugh at every little thing she did. She could ask him to rope the moon in full daylight and he'd find a way to do it.

Like I mentioned, we went to Mackinac Island on Monday. My gosh, how I love that place!! Mikey & I had gone last year when we came out here with my mom, but I never realized how much of the island we had missed! I think last year all we saw was several fudge shops (they are 10 feet apart there!) and the Butterfly House. So this year we rented bikes (Mikey on a tandem with Big Hunk & Ikey in a toddler seat) and went the 8.5 miles all the way around the island. I took sooo many photos. The kids had a blast too, and were so worn out! Mikey was falling asleep on the ferry ride back and slept so good that night. :)

Well, we're about to watch a movie. Bye!

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