Monday, June 30, 2008

I really REALLY don't deserve my husband.

I have been feeling really worn out and like I'm not getting a break from the kids at all. Every day has been running around getting things done, so we've been too busy for me to even just get a couple hours to myself. I did, however, feel like that's how it should be, and like I didn't deserve to ask for anything- with all that's been happening. But even yesterday while Big Hunk was at his baseball game (he plays every Sunday) I decided to take the kids to church just because I needed a break from them. I seriously don't remember the last time I've had a couple hours away from them without it being for something like grocery shopping. ;)

So last night while I was heading to church, he told me he had an idea. This morning before he left for work he told me to drop the kids off at his office and he'd take them to see Wall-E (which I have not kept a secret AT ALL that I have no desire to watch!! lol). He only said that I could go out and do something while he took the kids.

Well he just called and said I could drop the kids off at 1pm; he was going to take the kids and our nephew to see the movie, and I can go to the day spa for about 4 1/2 hours.

:D :D :D

I hate going by myself, but I so need this! He was getting mad when I said I couldn't do that, so I guess I have no choice. lol I can just go sit out by the pool and read a book the whole time, after lather myself up in mud. This will be a nice day.

LOL! I texted my friend Gabe to tell him his wife had to go with me to the spa. He started getting all cranky saying they couldn't afford it and they had 6 kids at their house (their 3 plus their neice and our friends' 2) blah blah blah. Well I told BH so he called Gabe. Tom: "Dude. Heather is going to the spa with Mel today. My treat. Bring the kids over, we're taking them to the movies." LOL So it's going to be the 2 of them with NINE kids. ROFL I can only imagine how freaking expensive that is going to be. And because I wanted our other friend Darci to go (that I just met and LOVE- she is the one whose kids Gabe & Heather are watching) she is going too! It's going to be fun. :) I'm leaving in 1/2 hour!!

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  1. Ohhhhhh, I am SO jealous ;) You lucky girl!

    I hope you have a fabulous day. You need it and you DESERVE it!


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