Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Summer days

We had an AWESOME day at the spa yesterday. We all so needed it.

I dropped the kids off at Hunkie's work about 1pm and met Heather & Darci at the spa about 1:45pm (because my husband loves my company so much he just can't let me go *lol*). After paying and changing, we headed to the mud for a lil' while (I looove how smooth my skin is from that!) then hung out at the pool eating nachos the remaining 3 hours or so. :)

This is only like the 3rd time I've gotten to hang out with Heather and Darci (I went to high school with Heather's husband, and Darci's husband works for Big Hunk now) but I adore them. Heather and I get along so well and she makes me laugh constantly. She's my age, but Darci is 23 and tiny and gorgeous and freaking adorably pregnant. She made me feel like a cow being next to her in her tiny bikini! Heather and I laughed later that we were bigger than her, and she's pregnant! (Of course she's only 13 weeks, but still!)


  1. I hope you didn't touch a toe into that pool LOL! Disgusting! At least you had a good time anyway :)

  2. Spa! How fun! Other than the obvious disgusting distraction:) I have to say that picture of you four up top is great! I forgot your hair is short- it's so cute!!


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