Monday, September 17, 2007

My husband just came home with this...

He found it running in and out of traffic by my nephew's school when they dropped him off a little while ago. I guess my husband almost got hit by a car trying to save her. lol She's the tiniest little thing and was starving, but now we will try to find the owner. ;) I'm sure someone will be looking for her!

It's so funny to see her size compared to my other dog (a St. Bernard/Husky mix puppy) through the glass because even though my dog Roxy is NO WHERE near close to grown, she's a freaking giant compared to this one! This one (who knows how old she is) is the size of a very small cat, but she sure holds her own! She thinks she owns the house already! LOL


  1. She looks just like the chihuahua I recently bought and sold (only smaller)! What a cute puppy.

    This post reminds me that I need to post pics of my newest little love. :)

  2. Any luck of finding the ownder? Sabin


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