Monday, September 10, 2007


As I was sitting here at my laptop to (very) briefly check my email, I hear the kids in the next room. Mikey was getting ready to pray while my nephew M (shall I call him Mars Bar? lol) and Ike listened. I hear Mike say "Lord, thank you for this day. Please let us have a wonderful day and thank you for dying on the cross. Thank you for forgiving our sins. Amen."

:-) My heart swells.

It has been such an amazingly crazy, stressful morning and I so needed that.


  1. Awe, how sweet! I love moments like that!!

  2. That is so sweet. You're raising that future SIL of mine right. ;-)

  3. Oh Melody that is so beautiful! Don't you just love when your soul hears Truth? Sabin

  4. Sniff sniff. That is totally awesome! What a great heart Ronan has!

    Okay, I'm tagging you with meme. 15 things I do...

    see my mind of a new mom page.



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