Thursday, August 12, 2010

God's Chisel

After a lot of friends were posting this on Facebook, I had to check it out.

Um yeah. Ten minutes and forty thousand tears later...

I would highly recommend watching this to anyone. Man did it hit home for me.

"You think you're junk, don't you? You really really really think you're junk. Listen to Me. I don't make junk."

I can't tell you how often I look in the mirror and see exactly that- junk. I see my sins. I see the many things I've done wrong in my life and continue to do everyday. I see the people I've hurt. I won't let me see myself through God's eyes. I guess I feel unworthy to actually live in the outpour of His grace and mercy, because it's a lot easier to remind myself continuously of how filthy I am was, than to believe I could ever be anything that He would love.

But then who am I living for if I'm doing that? I say I'm living for God, but if I'm allowing myself to live in the lies of the enemy- am I living for God at all? If I tell others of this great, miraculous forgiveness my Savior offers, but won't stop living in condemnation, aren't I a hypocrite?

"God, today I'm turning everything over to You. I'm not going to hold onto anything anymore.
Your word says that You will make me Your masterpiece, and use me to do great things. I don't see how that's possible. But I want that with all that I am."

Today. Today is the day.

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