Monday, April 5, 2010

An Easter rundown.

*I forgot to add in the link for the crack dip at the end of the post. It's there now. You're welcome. Believe me, you don't want to miss it.*

I don't even know how to function this morning. Being it's almost noon, I think I should figure it out. Case in point: I've had to backspace about 12 times just in these 3 sentences because I can't type right. It's going to be a long day.

We had an awesome Easter. But it always feels like a wedding day- you know when you build-up to holidays and look forward to them so much, then they are just over too quickly?

We had a wonderful Good Friday; I spent it at home with the kiddos (still can't remember where the day went), then service at church that night. It was a POWERFUL night. It was beautiful. Everyone involved with the service was dressed in black, and the stage held a wooden cross with  a purple sash and a crown of thorns. Simple, yet so symbolic of our Lord's last hours. Our pastor always has this way of taking a sermon you've heard a thousand times and getting it to you in a new way. I will never grow tired of the way he does that. He walked out to the pulpit on Friday and started with "My name is Cornelius...." He proceeded to tell the story of Jesus' torture and crucifixion from the point of view of one of the Roman centurions. It was amazing. I can never say enough how thankful I am that God brought us to that church- and I wish He had done it sooner! ;-) I realize now we held onto our old church for a long time simply because of the friendships forged there and the ministries we enjoyed, rather than what we should have been getting.

I cleaned ALL day Saturday- and don't think for a second that I'm not embarrassed mentioning that I needed to clean all day, because I am. I realize now that if maybe, perhaps, I had been cleaning the way I should be, my house would not have needed a complete overhaul the day before Easter company. Quite embarrassing. And exhausting. Between cleaning and preparing side dishes for Easter, I was up until 12:30am, then had to get up at 5am Sunday.

I served in the Easter choir at church and it was so awesome. There is just something about a group of 45 people gathering together with the sole (soul?) purpose of singing praises to the Lord that gets my blood going. Songs that we had rehearsed and perfected every week for a couple months finally found an audience- an audience of One. An Audience that had given His life up on the cross for our salvation, and here we were proclaiming His name and glory to anyone that would listen. It was beautiful. I was so sad when our two services were over and it was time to go home.

We spent the afternoon with friends and my parents. It all went so quickly. We barbecued and watched "Old Dogs" (even funnier when you watch it with someone that laughed so hard they almost peed), and had the hunt for a-gazillion-eggs with 4 little ones. I don't know when I stopped knowing how to count, but even after the kids each had their allotted 18 eggs each, we still had many left over. Not that they were complaining. I'm pretty sure I'll still find eggs out there in June when I decorate for Ikey's birthday.

My night came to an end with this lazy butt falling asleep on the couch while Big Hunk watched "Bean". Let it be known that it is still one of the funniest movies and had nothing to do with my need to pass out. I made it into my bed by 10pm, and proceeded to sleep until 10am while the kids played XBox in the next room. All the running around finally caught up with me.

We are now on Spring Break and I can think of nothing more inviting than spending a full 5 days enjoying my kids' company and having fun with NO school responsibilities. That is, after I finish the dishes from our Easter get-together.

I just need to know how I'm supposed to resist the candy, brownies and crack dip that are plaguing my house now? I'm going to start P90X today and after being completely disciplined with my eating and working out the past few weeks, I let myself have a day off yesterday. Now all I want are those mini Reese's my mom so kindly left (not). BH will be taking those to work tomorrow because I DO NOT need them calling my name anymore. I've been good today. So far.


  1. You make me laugh my you know what off!!! Yeah, my house has been neglected to that is why we left it for Spring Break!!! Kind of ruined Easter though,not sure we will do that again, kind of weird driving home on Easter instead of being in church. Sorry my coordination was not great with getting us together!

  2. Sounds busy, yet good. :) Thanks to you, now I'm off to clean my house because mine is likely far worse than yours was before your big Easter clean! :-p


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