Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm praying for you.

I want to update about our family and our summer, but this was weighing on my mind. In fact I've been wanting to write about it for quite a few months, but as I sat down skimming through my friends' Facebook updates, something struck me and I couldn't put it off anymore.

If you have a pulse, you've had someone tell you "I'm praying for you." At times that brings us comfort. Some may even pray right then and there with us (oh how I treasure those friends!). But am I the only one that hears those words once in a while and just thinks yeah right? I hate to sound bitter [and maybe I am], but it just seems like it can be such a cop-out. I guess it all depends on the person saying it. We all have those friends that are true prayer warriors and will drop on their knees the second you ask for prayer. The ones we know will lift us up when we're all prayed out, can't find the words, or just need to know someone has our back.

But then are those that toss around the words like breath.

Well what ever happened to being the hands and feet of God? Now I'm not saying we aren't to pray for one another. I think ALL of us are called to be prayer warriors. But where in the Bible does it say to pray for each other, and then wash your hands of it? Is that really loving our brothers?

A few minutes ago on Facebook, I read the status update of a friend telling about a fundraiser for a family that had just lost a child. Someone replied with something along the lines of not wanting to buy what the fundraiser was selling, but that the family definitely needed prayer. Now it didn't seem to bother anyone else so maybe I'm reading too much into that, but why are we so unwilling to just give a little of ourselves? When a friend is hurting and has no money for gas, why does I'll pray for you jump off our lips so quickly, but we never think of how God might want to use us in that instance? Do our words mean anything to that homeless man with nothing to eat?

I don't know, maybe these things don't even go hand in hand. My original issue was with the lack of prayer behind the words. Today though, it morphed into not just an irritation with the empty words, but with our ability to stand, hands tied behind our back with that invisible string, "helpless" to reach out to those that need us.

When do we unbound ourselves from that string we put on ourselves, and really truly get out there and walk the walk? When does the word Christian start to mean laying down our lives for our brothers and sisters, and not just someone with a busy Sunday morning?


  1. I so agree. It is so easy to say those words and then forget after one prayer. Like in James, we tell people, "God bless you!" yet don't even try to reach out! What a shame! Lord help us!

  2. I read that too and was struck the same way as you...yes, the family needs prayer, but they just lost their child...they need much, much more than (just) prayer.

    Are you sure you didn't just hear our series at church? ;) It was so good. So good. About stepping out and actually doing something. Our Pastor actually used the "I'll pray for you" reference. How easy it is to say (and how so many people do let it just roll off their tongues and for many how it's really just an easy way out or a way to shut down the conversation) but to actually do it? And what about doing more than that? Giving, acknowledging, helping...just because we can and because should and not because we're "obligated" to do so, but because that's what we're made to do.

    Anyway, I guess my point is that I totally agree with you :)

  3. I have the same thoughts!!! Good post!

    I've missed you!!


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