Monday, May 11, 2009

She Colors My Day

I love love Amy Grant. I always have. She is such a timeless piece of Christian music and her music, especially her older songs that I've listened to for years (hello, El Shaddai! One of the best songs ever!), always take me right to the foot of the cross.

So I was thrilled when I learned she has released a new EP. Check it out here! I love all of the songs, but I have to say Unafraid is my favorite. It's such a BEAUTIFUL song about parenting on your knees, and being on those knees even long after your kids are grown. So what I need on these days when parenting seems like a nightmare and my kids will never hear a word I say. (Okay, half joking. I know they hear me when I say words like "spanking" or "Xbox" or "candy". Their ears really perk up then.)

There are so many musical artists I just adore and whom hold a special place in my heart (music is my love language). Amy Grant is totally one of them. I adore her and it's so amazing how someone you've never met can feel like a sister that you've known all your life and has played such a special part in your faith and relationship with God.


  1. I love Amy Grant, too! Songs like "My Father's Eyes" and "All I Ever Have To Be" take me back to the beginning of my walk with the Lord. Timeless.

  2. Hahah I think everybody likes Amy Grant! :D


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