Thursday, May 7, 2009

No spiders in Heaven

Every time little Ikey prays, she usually says something like "and we love (wuv) God, and we love Mary & Joseph, and we love baby Jesus." Somewhere along the lines, I think she has forgotten the part of the story where Jesus actually grows up because in her mind, he is still baby Jesus.

Well on Wednesday nights the kids have Awana. (Side note: I know I've probably never talked about Awana before on here, but I just love that organization! In a nutshell, it's a sort of discipleship program for kids starting at age 3 and going up even through high school. Mikey has been in Awana since he was 4, and Ikey started last year, when she was 3. It is so cute listening to her little voice recite her verses!)

So anyway, we had a busy night last night- Wednesdays always are. Right after the kids ate dinner (their Awana usual of scrambled eggs) I told Ike that she needed to work on the picture that goes along with this week's memory verse. Yeah. She only has Awana once a week, yet I can't find time to work on it with her until 30 minutes before we leave. I'm awesome like that. (For the record, she had already memorized her verse. So I'm only half-unawesome.)

Well she had to draw 3 pictures of things she might see in Heaven. She stopped me in my tracks when I saw her sweet pictures.

First, she drew the streets of gold (or in this case, red. Because you don't mess with a girl's color choices).

Now at first glance I thought this next one was a present (which I still thought was pretty good. You know, we'll have the presence of Jesus. Get it?). But if you look closely, it's an angel. With cute little wings. And a gown.
And I saved this one for last because it's my very favorite. It's baby Jesus.You really have to look at it (and have play-by-play commentary from a 4 year old) because at first I thought it was a spider. And I'm sorry Jesus, but if Heaven has spiders, I'm not sure I want a part of that. Thankfully though, the spider creature was actually baby Jesus in his manger. 

I love my baby girl.


  1. That's adorable. And I can totally see the baby Jesus ;) I think she did a great job on her pictures!

  2. So precious!! She did a great job on her drawings. What a bright little mind your girl has!

  3. You have a budding Christian Artist on your hands!!!

  4. Awww! So is so precious:) Give me a call sometime if your Ikey would like to bring a friend to Awana's. My little girl would love it.

  5. Great post -- thanks for mentioning Awana! We're featuring your post now at Thanks for investing your kids in biblical truth through Awana.

    Awana Web Team


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