Tuesday, May 12, 2009

No words.

I am so heavy hearted right now. No, maybe just brokenhearted. Kayleigh, the one pound miracle that I have just grown to love, has joined her Saviour in a place more beautiful than we could ever, ever imagine.

Please please pray for Kayleigh's parents, and her brother & sister. We could never comprehend what they are going through, and they need the Lord's strength more than ever. They had been preparing for the day they got to bring her home for the first time; instead they are now preparing a memorial service. And even more, keep them in your prayers in the coming weeks and months, as Kayleigh's first birthday approaches and everyone else gets back to the hustle and bustle of life.

We love you Kayleigh. Even though I never got to meet you, God was made more real to me by knowing you.


  1. this was SUCH an incredible story-- what a miracle her sweet little life was!

  2. This is so sad. :( I will be keeping Kayleigh's family in prayer.

  3. I have been praying for Kayleigh and her family these past months.....it's so heartbreaking, isn't it?

    But now she is free of pain and whole, Home with Jesus.....


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