Thursday, September 22, 2011

Slug Bug.

Do your kids play this game? Ever since Mike (9) got back from summer camp this year, it's been nonstop in our family. {well, at that point it was "punch buggy", and it just felt unnatural to say that.} {and our game is only a contest, not a reason to hit our brother or sister and make Mommy's nerves shoot out the window.}

I never realized how competitive we are until this seemingly harmless game found it's way to our little brutal family. Or how bad my eyesight is.

What should only be a quick little "slug bug!" comment in an otherwise boring car ride, has turned into us teasing each other as we peer out the windows scouring parking lots or opposing freeway lanes. And it may or may not have ended in tears one night when a certain male member of our family (Big Hunk) yelled so loud that it scared a certain little 7-year old that was blissfully staring out her car window, reflecting on her day at Disneyland.


Our rule though is that the game restarts everyday. So if we pass those same Geek Squad cars every single day, you better be the first person to call it. Is there one broken down at the house down the street? Call it.

Ikie is easy because she wants to win, but doesn't want to take her eyes off her DS. Or she is just zoning and doesn't see it until she's the 4th person (of 4) to realize there's one right outside her window.

Big Hunk is a pain though. I swear he has the eyes of an eagle and can see them 3 miles away. He's 9 years older than me and I keep hoping his eyesight will wane, but by time it does I'll be 70.

But you be certain- when that day comes and I'm driving my little Lincoln Towncar with my hands at ten and two and my head barely over the steering wheel, and my husband is in the passenger seat dozing off with his wraparound sunglasses, I will be ready.

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