Friday, September 16, 2011

I've never been more thankful for shoes.

The fam & I went out to dinner tonight, and afterwards decided to get frozen yogurt.


After filling up our adorable Hello Kitty cups with yummy candy goodness (and a little yogurt too), we decided to sit outside. So. We all headed for one of the wrought-iron benches that sat next to a pretty fountain.

I spot some sort of (what I thought to be) old fruit on the bench, and reach my leg up to sweep it off with my flip-flop.

Keep in mind it was about 8pm, and dark out. Apparently a lot of things can look like mushy banana at 8 o'clock at night.

Well this mystery "fruit" just smeared. All across the bench.

I instantly think it's peanut butter, so I just laugh and sit down anyway. {I was at least a foot from the stuff, mind you}

Well my darling husband is severely grossed out and says "It looks like poop!" but I don't believe him and just follow him as we walk to a different bench.

Sure enough, he smells my shoe and it's poop. POOP!

At this point I'm laughing hysterically and my poor husband is trying to rinse my flip-flop in the fountain. I'm pretty sure people were pointing and laughing at this point. And Big Hunk couldn't stop freaking out that there would just be poop sitting (lying?) on a bench.

So I can only count my blessings that I ignored my mommy instinct and didn't brush off the "fruit" with my hand.

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  1. So gross and so funny all at the same time...HA! Maybe someone was potty training and got a little more than they bargained for ;) So glad you didn't sit in it!!!


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