Monday, January 26, 2009

I should say nothing at all.

When we were dating, Big Hunk & I used to do this cheesy thing. If a song was playing on the radio that was either our song or was gushy enough to come in second, one of us would call the other and play it through the phone. Without speaking, without introduction. Many times did I pick up the phone to hear Savage Garden, Aaron Neville, or the occasional Shania Twain on the other end (for that latter one, I think he'll kill me for sharing).

But that was years ago. Now the hundreds of times we call one another each day are usually to vent about the kids (on my part) or everything else under the sun (his part).

So I didn't expect it tonight when I pick up the phone to hear Ronan Keating crooning over the hum of the car.

Man I love that song.

Funny thing though. The title of the song is called "When You Say Nothing At All". Do you think BH is trying to tell me something?


  1. That's so sweet!

    Thanks for the sweet comments in my blog :)

    We have the Nikon D80. We've had it for about 2 years and have really yet to figure out all the workings of it. It definately takes much better pictures than my Sony does and I love that you can take pic after pic...great for action shots, but I still can't get all those fantastic pictures that I see other people post, kwim?

    MCKMama ( has posted a few great blog posts about using these confusing cameras, but she uses a Canon, not a Nikon. Not that they're that different...

    My cousin just got the D60 and my other cousin (his brother) has the same D80 we have. He takes many many more photos than I do and has taken a class and he still claims he doesn't use the camera to it's full potential. After looking at the D60 my cousin has though, we've determined that we love your lens more than ours LOL! Ours is good, but the one that came with yours is better ;) All in the timing of the purchase, I guess LOL!

    We'll figure it out someday.

    Oh, and the $169 for the speeding ticket was for the running the Stop Sign. Once he took in his Proof of Insurance, they took that entire violation off. Whew!


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