Saturday, January 10, 2009


I am unsure that I'll ever know the full potential of my camera. But I love it. The poor thing probably curses the day it was placed in the hands of a cotton-headed ninnymuggins like me.

This is my beautiful daughter, in the light of today's sunset. She's so pretty.

Bubba playing wiffle ball in the street with Daddy and his big brother. One of the first photos I took with this camera, and I really like it. Mostly, because it's in focus.

I absolutely love this photo, and I wish it had been in focus! Truth be told, I took about 10 of the same type of shot and they were all too dark and blurry. I'm getting there, but I still love her pose in this one. I think the skull pj's really make the difference.

Ikey's homemade cookies she decorated all by herself.

One of my favorite shots of our nearby mountains. If you take note of the palm tree to the right you can see blotches. That's because it was taken out of my filthy windshield.

Upset, clearly.

I think I've taken about 3700 pictures of our mountains this winter. This was just a few days after Christmas, right after I got the camera. Just around the corner from my house. As of today, the snow is almost completely melted. But I never ever get sick of seeing these mountains out my windows.

I can see millions of things I would change in these photos, but I can only learn gradually. I would have never dreamed how very many settings and adjustments there are with these cameras. It makes me feel smart trying to learn though. ;)


  1. No wonder you take mountain pictures! Wondering what kind of camera you have? I have a new NIKON D60. Needing tips! LOL

  2. Great photos! I especially like the first one with your girl.


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