Thursday, January 1, 2009

A new one.

Happy New Year's! It is now 3:21pm (hehe cool!) and I am still in my Guitar Hero pajamas. Glasses are still on as the contacts continue to rest in their solution, and no, I still have not brushed my teeth. Sorry for sharing that.

But it's been such a cool day. In fact, all of us are still in our pj's (though mine are the only ones with guitars and crazy looking skeletons with cross tattoos and wings) and we have done NOTHING productive since we woke up. I take that back. Because we played Rock Band as a family and nothing is more productive than belting out Courtney Love while your son plays guitar and your husband beats the crap out of the drums. Family bonding right there, folks. The daughter? She wasn't part of our bonding. She was playing Webkinz on the computer, but she had fun. I also watched a movie (The Flying Scotsman) with my hubby, though we could understand only about 70% of the words thanks to funky accents.

I'm not usually one to make New Year's resolutions. Mostly because all my resolutions seem to be made every single day in various areas in which I'm lacking at that time: parenting, organization, etc. Of course there's the obligatory diet and workout regimen that starts sometime around January 1st. That will never change. But I also read on Greg Sponberg's blog today a rather novel approach (via Dr. Bill Thrasher). Devoting time in the month of January to prayer and really seeking God as to His direction for the upcoming year. Giving Him our firstfruits of the year, because the year is His anyway. Seeking His will in our plans and "to-do" list when everyday we are given belongs to Him in every way.

So in addition to stepping up my healthy eating (and by "stepping up" I mean throwing out the evil sugar cookies I made last night and completely changing every eating habit I have right now) and creating a workout schedule for myself, I will devote this time to God. Seeking Him before I go on with my "resolutions". Because that's all our resolutions are about anyway: self. I want my year to be about Him.

I'm going through a lot of changes recently. I've been spending a lot less time online, and more in the kitchen (my favorite place). Spending less time reading about friends and more time being with friends. And closing doors that have been hanging open far past their time. Making decisions that are best for my family and worrying less about how other people view me. Living more in the moments I'm given, rather than planning the ones I'm not promised.


  1. There is something great about realizing we don't have to worry about how people view us. Every now and then, I find myself in the middle of feeling like I have to explain everything I do to peole who question me on my parenting, etc. It feels good to just stop and tell myself- "Who cares. Keep following the Lord, and let Him worry about covering my back."
    I like the last paragraph of your blog. Sounds like some prioritizing(sp?) I need to do.

  2. hooray for fresh starts!!

    my camera is a sony-i love it! well... i love it when i can figure it out! i started to read the manual, and it kind of made sense... until i came to a "real world experience" and just stared at it yelling, "JUST WORK THE WAY I WANT YOU TO WORK!" well, that didn't... work:) i even took a class, but w/out the time to dedicate to photography, it's mostly been forgotten. oh well, i still love it! maybe one day my brain will expand and intake more information (perhaps in the retention section rather than the short-term memory section).


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