Monday, January 12, 2009

My hilarious hunk.

How is it possible to be so incredibly sick of my blog layout merely days after changing it? Blech.

I only have a moment, but I needed to share this. Well, I even need to share why I only have a moment, but that will have to wait til I have another moment.

I've already been instructed to NOT share this on my blog, but I've never been too good at following directions. Especially when it is so stinking funny.

Yesterday while I was gone all day with the munchkins, Big Hunk was at home killing time, watching movies. He, being the good little Christian boy, watched Joseph King of Dreams and Prince of Egypt. A grown man watching cartoons is not the funny part.

So I'm not sure if what follows is a result of the movies (you know, the image of the wheat bowing to Joseph, that's just not something you see everyday) or our pastor last night talking animatedly about the Rapture. But this is what you get with my husband.

Apparently he had a funky dream last night. In his dream, he was in a restroom at a urinal, and another man was next to him. There were 3 urinals in all. All of a sudden, two of the urinals disappeared. Big Hunk starts exclaiming "Is this the Rapture?? My urinal just disappeared!" He stares at the wall before him, vividly seeing the empty space and pipes protruding from the wall.But he and the man next to him (whom I'm hoping had the sense to zip his pants by this point) start fighting over whose urinal disappeared. BH swears it's his, the other swears no, it's his. I guess anyone whose urinal raptured (I'm thinking women were just out of luck in this dream) had to take a bus somewhere else (maybe the urinal lost and found?) But because he's stuck here in the restroom fighting with another man about whose urinal really disappeared, he can't get on that bus and find out for sure. He tried to find me and the kids, but we were nowhere to be found.

So as Big Hunk is driving this morning, reflecting on this dream, he starts getting worried. (This just makes me chuckle.) He is wondering to himself if he is doing something wrong because his urinal might not have gotten raptured. I guess at this point a little reality-check was in order and he had to remind himself that it was only a dream, and his urinal is still there. ;)


  1. That's a funny story. lol

    Hey, I got your comment on my blog. Don't get me wrong, I like Nikon (my sister has had a super nice one for years that I love)- but I've worked a little with a friend of mine who is a professional photographer and he swears by Canon. Even with the little involvement I've had with him and his work, it's easy to see why. So this my reasoning for being biased. ;-) Nikon is my next preferred brand though.

  2. Melody,
    Hilarious:) It is obvious how much you love your Big Hunk. Hope you are doing well:) Dena


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