Saturday, February 7, 2009

A whole lotta nothin to say

We got all moved in last weekend. And boy are my arms tired.

Getting "settled" has been a long process. We didn't realize until we moved in how very much needed to be done (and how very little had actually been done). In a nutshell- only because I've done enough complaining the past week- the place was filthy, we had no blinds until yesterday, nails sticking through the brand-new carpeting cut both mine & Ikey's feet... On and on it goes. I had to spend a couple hours cleaning our master shower that was caked with soap scum and mildew. Needless to say, it's been a very frustrating process. We have moved SO many times in the past, but never have we moved into a house this dirty. And of course on the surface everything looked fine, so when we did our walk-through we didn't notice it all. After spending 8-9 hours cleaning our old house, nothing upset me more than trying to unpack our new house and clean it at the same time. Mildew, caked on soap scum, dirty drawers... and so on.

On the positive side though, we did get our blinds in yesterday and it makes the house look SO much better. We had made do with the 80's curtains currently installed in our bedroom, and towels & blankets in the kids' bedrooms, but it was getting old having no privacy downstairs. Thankfully our yard is pretty large and has lots of trees, so we didn't feel like everyone was looking in on us.

The kids love our new backyard, though the house is a bit of an adjustment. Our yard has a good 6 or 7 pine trees, and several fruit trees. The kids love to hike around our yard like they're in the mountains. :)

We made a trip to Ikea last night with about $300 worth of returns (from Big Hunk's business purchases- since he furnished a lot of his rental homes, he had TONS of stuff that had never even been opened). Unfortunately quite a bit of the stuff is discontinued (duvet covers, mostly) so we only got about half of our money (and now have like 5 duvet covers that we have no use for) but we accomplished a bit. We have no towel racks or toilet paper holders in any of the bathrooms, so we needed to get those, as well as a small table for our kitchen. Oh- and lamps. Good gracious I will never understand why tract home builders always build homes without lights. Every single stinking one of our rooms (with the exception of bathrooms and the kitchen) needed lamps. So thankfully we took advantage of the $7 & $10 floor lamps Ikea had. I swear we should buy stock in Ikea.

Anyway, it's a boring, relaxing day. Ikey woke up throwing up at 5am this morning, and has thrown up every couple of hours since then. She is playing Xbox right now and seems to be livening up a bit. I hate when they get all pale and exhausted. I definitely expect a nap in her future very soon.

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