Friday, July 10, 2009

Mama crack.

Melissa over at The Inspired Room is doing a giveaway right now. Now, a lot of people do giveaways. Sometimes, for things I couldn't care less about. But this one? Crack to this addict.

A purse!

(photo courtesy of The Inspired Room, by the way. I just needed you to see how incredibly adorable they are!!)
I love me some purses. But my husband doesn't understand my desire to own more than one functional one at a time (ie. getting another one before the first is run into the ground), not to mention when we can barely buy the things we need right now, a purse isn't exactly priority.


But you have the chance to win an Elisa Lou Designs Bailey bag if you head over to Melissa's blog and drop in your name! Purses are valued at $60 and contest ends Sunday night. And then, my birthday is September 1st so you can wrap it up and give it to me then.

Half-joking. ;)

Now go.



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