Monday, July 13, 2009

Gifts for the McRae family *Edited*

**I just wanted to point out (because of my vagueness in the original post below) that if you are wanting to send something from out of state, I will wait for you! Olivia's birthday is this weekend and it was my goal to get the stuff to her by then, but it is more important to me to send them as much as possible, rather than worry about the exact date they get it. So if you are wanting to send something, go for it! Just let me know so I know how many packages I'm expecting. I would still love to send it as soon as we can, so just be in touch with me. :) Sorry about that!**

Thanks so much to those of you that have contacted me regarding sending out gifts to Olivia & Will McRae! I am hoping to send out the package on Wednesday if at all possible, so if you would still like to get something to me please let me know! I would love to send them as much stuff as possible to just really surprise and bless them! However if you are mailing it to me from out of the state just let me know when you mailed it/will be mailing so I can look for it and plan accordingly.
Thank you soooo much for reaching out to bless this family, and for keeping them in your prayers!! I KNOW they greatly appreciate it and I can't wait to show them all the people that wanted to love on them. :) God bless you!! Don't forget to read their updates at


  1. I'm pretty sure that even if I sent something via Amazon it would not get to you by Wednesday. I'll see what I can do though and let you know.

  2. Off to visit the website now. What you're doing is a great idea! :)


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