Friday, July 31, 2009

Can you spare a second?

Good morning! I have a post in the works (yes, it takes me days lol) but I wanted to ask a favor.

I "met" Bonnie (totally one-sided being she has no clue who I am) in January. Her husband had just passed away on January 5th very unexpectedly, leaving behind his beautiful wife, a sweet almost-2 year old little girl named Caroline , and a baby on the way that only Thomas & Bonnie knew about.

On his way to work as a teacher, Thomas was in a fatal car accident. And today is their 5th wedding anniversary. I can't imagine what Bonnie is going through and I'm praying for her. Could you please do the same? But also, can you drop her a line and show her some support? I am sure it would mean the world to her.

Thank you so so much.

*I wanted to post a photo of Bonnie & Thomas, but I wasn't sure if that was okay. I've "borrowed" photos from websites before but now I realize that's probably stealing. LOL Sorry!*


  1. Wow, what a horrible thing to have to endure. I'll definitely be sending prayers her way.

  2. Thank you for sharing that story. She'll be in my thoughts and prayers.


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