Friday, November 2, 2007

late night

It's been so impossible to even tackle in my blog all the things that are going on, so I haven't even tried. How in the world did we get to be SO busy, seemingly overnight?

Now it's 10:30 pm and I'm exhausted, so don't expect much from me. ;) I'll be shocked if I make sense at all! We got home from couple's study a little while ago and the hunk is playing XBOX (something he rarely does), so I figure I'll stop breathing down his neck and let him enjoy himself. lol

Gosh, where do I even start? Well, our dog Roxy almost died two weeks ago, how about starting there? ;) She's 5 months old and came down with Parvo, but didn't show any signs until we were on the long 7-hour drive to AZ to see my stepson. We kept hoping it was just something she ate (being a puppy, it could have been anything!) but when she was getting worse instead of better I got extremely worried. My normally rambunctious, affectionate puppy wouldn't even lift her head- let alone get up- when I called her. So, late on a Saturday night in a strange town I headed to the emergency vet to find out what was going on. Poor thing would barely walk to and from the car. :( I felt so horrible for her. None of her symptoms gave the vet a red flag at all (being her stool was not bloody, as are most parvo cases), but I agreed to the parvo test just to rule that out. I thought for sure that we would have to do test after test (resulting in a hospital stay) to determine what was wrong- I was shocked when the test came back positive!! So because she was severely dehydrated from her constant vomiting, diarrhea and non-existent appetite, she stayed there right away to get an IV and meds to help her fight this- as well as get rid of the nausea. (Are you beginning to get an idea how much this cost?!) I was SO worried about her! I never dreamed before Roxy that I would ever be a dog person, but my goodness how I love that dog. I have bonded with her more than I thought possible and she's my little baby. ;-) Anyway, she stayed in the hospital for two nights/one day. And it cost almost the same as one month's rent. But you know, I wouldn't change it for a second. When we picked her up (on our way back to California) she already looked so much better, and within just a couple days she was a million times better. Now you can't even tell she was ever sick. Such a horrible experience that I would never wish on any pet owner!

The kids are doing well! Mikey LOVES school (aka our dining room table) and is doing so amazingly well. He has already learned the entire year's worth of sight words that I had planned, so we're on to the bonus words! He is such a smart kid, something I can take no credit for. He just has such a precious heart; he is such a sweet kid. So many times lately he surprises me by offering a toy or game he's playing with to his sister (when he could so easily tell her no!), or wiping down my kitchen table because he knows it gives me less work. :) It is just breathtaking as you watch, almost overnight, these kids grow into these strong beings that take in so much around them. He amazes me with how perceptive he is about things I so easily take for granted!

Ikey is the little diva of the house, and she wears her title proudly. We are currently trying to curb the snotty mouth when she doesn't get her way or wants something NOW, but she is such a sweet girl at the same time. So many times she will say "Mommy, I want to tell you something in your ear" and will then whisper "You're the most beautiful mommy in the whole world!" She melts my heart. Lately she's also been saying "I want to be like you when I grow up." Well, either that or Belle, it changes often. ;) It's just so cute to watch the kids together, their mutual adoration is just so sweet. I love watching them hold hands in the car or see Tommie lay her head on Mikey's shoulder when they're watching a movie. My cup overflows.

Big Hunk & I are doing well, but the poor guy is so busy! His business has been so blessed, and now he is so excited to be opening a new venture in his business. Now instead of doing just weekly/monthly vacation rentals, he will also have another part of his business that does vacation memberships. Basically, people will buy a yearly membership at any of the offered price levels, and with that will get a certain amount of time in any of the beach houses available. It's a bit more complicated than I'm making it, but that's it in a nutshell. Suffice it to say I am just so proud of my husband, and I am continually blown away by his brains and business knowledge. You could never know by looking at him that 1)he's never owned a business before, and 2)he has only been in business a little over a year. God has undoubtedly had His hand on this business from day one, and we are overwhelmingly thankful.

Well, just a lot of surface updates there, but I'm so tired tonight. :) I need to post pics of Halloween and stuff, so I'll see if I can get to it tomorrow. Who knows? We were thinking of heading up to beautiful Big Bear, but it's a tad chilly so I doubt that will happen. But, I hope everyone has a very blessed weekend!!

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