Thursday, October 4, 2007


I'm sitting here in the kitchen while I wait for dinner to be ready. Considering it's in the Crock Pot, I may be waiting a while. LOL But it smells so goood. Cheesy Ham & Potato Soup. Yum. We got our carpets cleaned today so my house is relatively clean, except for the bathroom I started this morning and my bedroom, so I'll take a break for now. I'm beat! The kids and I left the house at 12pm and only got home about 5. We took the dog to the vet (going in for a rabies shot turned into a $91 visit, lol), then after dropping the dog back off at home we went to lunch at Chick-fil-A, then ran errands (looong errands) to Kohl's and Target. The good news is though I'm finding awesome deals on stuff for my house at Kohl's, so that makes me happy. :) Love clearance!

Can I just say how thankful I am for Big Hunk's company? My goodness, in the past year I have been so blessed to stay in areas that before that, I had never even visited, let alone stayed in. Before a few months ago I had never even been to Malibu, but now I've been there several times and I sooo love it! I never used to understand why anyone would want to live there with all the mudslides and fires, but now I can absolutely see why. It's so beautiful and isn't overrun with housing tracts or department stores. It oddly still has a small-town feel despite being home to thousands of celebrities and rich folk. But oh how I love those celebrities! ;) Since Tom got the apartment in Malibu (he leases it through his company to rent out) in September, we have met a couple Baldwin brothers, then we have seen David Arquette and Joey Lawrence at the store! Hehe Quite funny. Well, I didn't see Joey Lawrence. We were at Target out there and it was packed, so I headed to the car with Tommie while The Hunk paid, and he saw Mr. Lawrence on his way out. He got the friendly nod and "What's up?" :) And Brody Jenner (from The Hills) lives in those apartments as well. I don't know why I'm talking about this. LOL

Well, guess I should unpack my purchases from Target. I have to hide a cool candle thing I got from Kohl's because it's a gift for my SIL. ;) They are staying with us right now, but are moving around the corner the middle of this month. The kids are ecstatic that their favorite aunt and cousin are going to be a minute's walk away. Anyway, ciao! ;)


  1. Kohl's is awesome!

    That soup sounds great. Recipe?

  2. MMM... I want some cheesy soup now. How can cheese be soooo good? :-) Thanks so much for the invite! Jess (Jelly Bean)


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