Thursday, October 4, 2007

Back in the swing of things

I'm going to take a few minutes to attempt to update right now, though I've still yet to have my breakfast or do my Bible Study. But, it may be the only quiet moment I get for the whole day! It's just me and Mikey for a couple hours because Big Hunk took Ikey to the office (yesterday was Mike's day), but when they get back my friend Gabe is coming to clean the carpets- so I'll have to hang out with the kids outside of the house for a while.

We have been SO busy lately! And because it makes no sense to me whatsoever to come onto my blog and write about how busy I am (and how many other things I should be doing other than blogging), I have just flat out refused to make a half-arsed post. ;)

We got back from our cruise last Friday morning, and we had a blast. The first full day into it we stopped in Catalina (this beautiful little island 26 miles off our coast- on a clear day you can see it from Malibu and other beaches), and that was my favorite part of the trip. It's just so peaceful and gorgeous, I would love to retire there! Anyway, the following day we went to Ensenada Mexico, and by that evening we were so ready to go home. I couldn't believe that we still had two nights left. :( We missed our babies!! So by Friday morning when we finally got to see the kids, we were SO happy to be home. They really missed us as well, and BH & I agreed that there will be no more long trips like that until they're (a lot) older. Two nights, max. I guess I'm just one of those people that really does not like being away from my kids!! Well, I guess most of us are like that, but I just don't enjoy myself when I'm away from them. Of course I need my time away (and we need our couple time), but they are our life and we don't feel complete when our family isn't a whole. But it was a great trip and we met some awesome people. For dinners we were paired up with only one other couple, and we really hit it off. They're in a different season than us, with their only daughter having just left for college, and they have been married 20 years. They were really great and we may visit them up in the Bay area sometime.

Being back this week has marked the return to our normal schedule, and it was hectic to say the least! The kids were monsters after our 4 days away, and we are just now getting things back to normal. But homeschooling is going so awesome, and I feel so incredibly blessed to be able to do this with my son. He is doing so great!! Honestly, that is my very favorite time of the day- just sitting with him, teaching him to read and seeing how excited he is to learn new things. I was a bit fearful at first, but now I honestly cannot imagine someone else sharing all these memories with my child. (*this is not to say AT ALL that everyone should homeschool- it's just what is working wonderfully for our family and I am so happy God led us to this decision!) So right now we are working on sight words, and there are 18 that I'd like Mikey to learn by the end of the year. But because he's doing so well- he's already learned the 5 for September and October- we may add to that. My kids both have always loved to read so much, and I am so thrilled at the idea of seeing Mike reading on his own. Anyway, because I could go on and on forever about it, I have started a homeschool blog that I will be doing more in-depth entries about what we're doing. Probably boring, but stuff I don't want to forget. ;)

Well, gotta get up and moving. I want to get my house picked up and eat so we can do some school work before we have to take the dog to the vet. :) Have a g'day!

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  1. I'm so glad y'all had a good time! I feel ya on the missing your kids thing- I don't know what I'm going to do when I'm in Canada for two weeks! Cry, probably. Poor Marissa. ;-)


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