Friday, June 5, 2009

Ticknolagee: it's not just for geeks. *Edited*

*Edited: Wow. Guess I shouldn't have said a word. I make a post about how awesome it is that I occasionally have views from all over the world, and I suddenly get 1 COMMENT. Everyone hides back in the woodwork! That teaches me to open my mouth!* :)

I am continuously floored by the ways our lives have changed. Even watching older episodes of Friends and seeing a cell phone the size of my shoe. It's hilarious! But when you think about it, it really is truly amazing how far we have come.

A couple days ago Big Mama wrote a post about the evolution of the mixed tape. (It really is worth reading if you haven't yet. She is hysterical.) It was so funny, and so right on. We went from clicking rewind/pause/play/record over and over again to get that perfect mix of our favorite songs all in the same place. Now? A click of a mouse on iTunes and you're done in 2.2 seconds. Give or take.

And don't even get me started on those poor souls that were tied to the 8-track. I'm not an expert on ancient history, but as far as I know those didn't even have a record button.

I've had my blog for a while now. A couple of years to be exact (or not so exact) and before that, I blogged even though it wasn't called blogging. It was called an "online journal". Well recently I added a little widget to my site (really. who came up with that word?) to track my blog visitors. It has proven to be the coolest thing ever. Well, next to chocolate, cable tv and modern medicine. Not only was I amazed by how many visitors I have, but it has become one of my favorite things to actually see where these visitors are coming from. Well, not coming from. They're not actually hopping on a plane from somewhere and coming to my blog, so I guess I should say where they're reading from. Even though that doesn't sound nearly as cool.

As I was saying.

Am I the only one that finds this absolutely cool? Visitors from places like Belgium, Philippines, Canada, New Zealand, Germany... even exotic ones like New Jersey!

I was always that girl that when she had a penpal, just loved the idea of reading the words of someone in a far away land (like my grandma who lived an hour away). Now, to think that I am writing about my life here in California, and someone across the globe is reading it. Even stranger, that they might relate to it.

Yeah you're right, maybe not.

I just don't think there are some things I'll ever fully grasp. (And no, I'm not talking about why Tony wore that shirt.)

No, I'll never ever get that. But that has nothing to do with this. And ew.

When I go outside at night (usually to take out the dog that insists on peeing on my carpet every. single. day.), I feel like Melody. Simple girl that loves her God, and feels a little like she's doing something in this world. But, inevitably, I look up. I always look up. And I see that huge, starry sky that touches every corner of my view. And I am reminded, for quite possibly the 5 trillionth time, that I really am so teeny tiny in this vast world God created.

So when I think that someone way over in Germany or Belgium (or heck, even Texas) is even connecting with my little life in the most remote way, it just blows me away! Our lives touch, if even for a brief second. That just feels like the coolest honor, to be part of someone else's life that may be so different from mine (or not at all), for even a moment.

You'd think I had been around when the first phone was invented, with how excited I am over this newfangled communication stuff.


  1. Okay, looking for the widget... that's so neat!

  2. That IS neat! I agree- the internet in general is such an amazing way to talk to people from EVERYWHERE. How cool. My mom and I tried video chatting like a week ago, (I know- I am WAY behind). She lives in Little Rock. It was so great for the kids to be able to see her and us all visit. Neat stuff!


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