Saturday, June 20, 2009

I wanna go back.

In an attempt to track down the photos of Cracker Jack's graduation (yes, I wasn't paying attention when I downloaded them and cannot find them. Ack!), I have come across so many pics that I love. Some that I want to edit and eventually share (like next year when I have the time) or ones that fill me with nostalgia.

Like the ones of the cruise we took in September 07.

But I just can't figure out- does it make me nostalgic for the time alone with my hubby? When we could sleep in till any hour and stay up as late as we wanted, enjoying yummy food whenever we wanted? Or is it for the skinny little figure I had and the long flowing hair? Oh how perfect my skin was then, and I didn't even appreciate it.


  1. It was the food. It's always the food. ;-)

  2. Those are awesome photos! Looks like a great time! Where did you go on your cruise?

  3. Hi Holly! It was only a 4 day cruise and had two stops- one at Catalina Island (this beautiful island 26 miles off the coast of California) and Ensenada Mexico. I don't care for Mexico much, but looove Catalina! :)


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