Monday, September 8, 2008


I have been feeling really antisocial lately. It finds it's way into my everyday life where I don't make good small talk at church or on the phone, but it's definitely running over into my internet self too. ;) Whatever that means.

But today, I just feel like we have lots going on and I want to share!

Big Hunk had his baseball game yesterday, it was play-offs. Basically, if his team won, they would keep going for up to 3 more weeks. But if they lost, they would be eliminated immediately. Usually the kids and I don't go to the games all that often- usually a factor of the distance and heat making it too much of a pain in the butt. But I wasn't going to miss this one! And it was a good game. I am so glad I got to go, and I'm so thankful my kids are at the age they can play for 3 1/2 hours with friends and leave me alone! Half kidding there. ;) There is hardly anything I love more than just sitting and watching Big Hunk play baseball (and yes, those pants have something to do with it), and I wish I could go every week.

BH's team was in 5th place going into the playoffs, and they were playing the #4 team. The Angels vs. The Diablos, which always makes me laugh. Good vs. Evil. Well unfortunately, evil won this time. And it sucked. It was tied going into the 9th inning (the time limit is 3 hours, but they had to play extra time because of the tie), but the Angels scored one run giving them the advantage. But, because the Diablos had last ups, if they scored one run it would tie it up again or they had to score two to win.

I shed tears when they scored two, on a double. :*( I was so bummed for Hunk. He was pitching too, so he beats himself up.

So, the other team won by 1, and the season is over. BH is playing in a tournament in Arizona at the end of the month though, and the kids & I get to go with him. I'm so excited! Arizona is SO beautiful (the drive is loooong, but so gorgeous with all the red clay!) and clean, I can't wait to get away for a few days. And since my kids aren't sleeping in their own beds right now, it's not like the trip will screw up their schedule. *roll eyes*

Big Hunk's company is advertising with the (real) Angels for the rest of the season, so we get tickets to the rest of the home games. It's not many, but it's pretty much a dream come true for BH. He has ALWAYS wanted season tickets to the Angels. And it's even better that Mikey is officially an Angels nut too! His favorite player is Vladimir Guerrero, and the girl in charge of our advertising gave Mikey a ball signed by Guerrero when we were there a couple weeks ago. :) He was so ecstatic. We are *hoping* he will get to meet him, but we have to brush up on our Spanish if that happens because he doesn't speak English. lol

So anyway, the Yankees are our big rivals and Big Hunk has never seen the Yankees play before. Tonight (and the next 2) the Yankees are playing the Angels, and we get to go. :) Tonight the 4 of us are going, then tomorrow night BH is taking his friend and Mikey (I have our monthly women's study and Ike is going to a sitter). Wednesday is a day game so I will probably take Ikey to Disneyland while the boys watch the game. I love that my girl loves that place as much as I do. :-) Mikey couldn't usually care less if we go, but Ikey is always thrilled when we get to. Just like her mama.

My Tuesday morning Bible study starts back up in 2 weeks, and I CANNOT wait. I am seriously counting down the days. It ended in May and I have so missed that adult interaction! Even Mikey keeps asking when it starts again, poor kid. I keep him locked up in this house and he's "soooo bored". Kid, you don't even know what bored is! Those kids have a playroom full of toys, a backyard with an awesome playground and basketball hoop (okay, I can see how that hoop wouldn't be that appealing to Ikey), a pool (that I rarely take them swimming in myself), and every board game imaginable.

Yet all they ask to do is play on the computer (Webkinz are the best investment, I swear! lol) or Xbox. Or TV. Anything to numb the brain. Which I guess doesn't say much because here I am on the computer....

Well, I should get my kitchen clean before we leave in a couple hours. I don't have to can't cook for the next 3 nights because of the games and church on Wed, so I have no excuse to keep it clean!


  1. We definately should get together! Nathan has school everyday, but he's out at 11:45. We could meet for lunch 1/2 way or something :)

  2. It's ok to be antisocial sometimes. I find that when I am being antisocial with my "worldly" friends I am instead wrapped up in my heavenly father, is there any better place to be? I'm sorry for your loss and heartache. I hope your feeling better. -kriss


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