Monday, September 29, 2008

On our way out.

We are leaving in about an hour and a half to go to Arizona. Big Hunk has a baseball tournament out there, and depending on how well his team does we could be there til Sunday. I'm looking forward to it (I love AZ, it's so beautiful) and hope the kids entertain themselves while I watch my man play. ;)

I have to say, this is RARE occasion, me sitting at the computer before we leave on a trip. Normally at this time I running around like a maniac packing last minute items (which with me, everything is packed last minute!) and complaining what a mess my house is.

I took a different approach this time. Yes I still packed last minute, but I DELEGATED. Sooo much easier! No more complaining that I have no help, this time I requested it. LOL Of course, as we speak Big Hunk's clothes are still not packed and he's not home, but he'll get it done. ;) I've spoiled the boy too long. All I have to do are finish cleaning the catbox and pack up the ice chest, and we're good to go. It will be a good 5-6 hour drive. I have all of our school supplies packed for the week, along with my own Bible study goodies and lots of movies. I really don't know how many of Tom's games we'll be able to go to, so we're just playing it by ear.

Okay- do any of your kids have Webkinz? Holy gracious that has had to be the most destructive purchase we've ever made. My mom bought each of the kids one over a year ago, but we never used their code online. I came across one of the codes a few weeks ago, and it all snowballed from there. Forget the kids- it's BH & I that are addicted!! They have the BEST games on there!! And you can only get to them if you have a Webkinz, so we use the kids' codes. Every time we play a game on there we earn the kids money to buy things for their animal- anything from big screen TV's to blenders to a magic carpet. LOL I am seriously having to make a conscious effort to NOT sit down at the computer because I will never get up!

Well, I need to cut this short so I can get Ikey lunch. Big Hunk & Mikey are out running last minute errands before our trip (dropping the dog off at doggie day care, getting a part for the car, etc) and I have the house all cleaned so I don't come home to a messy house. Sweet!


  1. I'm embarrassed to say how many Webkinz my children own! Lol!

  2. I have heard a lot about Webkinz from a friend on LJ. She's addicted, too!

  3. I sent you a PM at COF about tomorrow...can we do next week instead? The were a basketcase today from our weekend and I'm sure I can't handle another day this week like today ;) Jess

  4. Mel,
    Hope you had a fun trip. I hope you are enjoying the fall will soon be winter here.....ugh. Hope you are feeling better from your last post. I could so relate to you when you said you feel anti social....I get like that too. Take care......have a blessed day....Dena


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