Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hairs cut

Okay! It's all gone! 12 inches of ponytail now sits in a Ziploc bag on my counter, and is all ready to be shipped off to Locks of Love. And, I have lost about a pound and a half during this process, just showing WHY I always felt so frumpy with all this hair on my head. LOL

A couple befores...

Right before going on the chopping block!

Last month, Easter

Long braids I won't be seeing in a while!

This was in Feb, right before a trim- prob the longest it got to. Yuck.

And drumroll please...

And this is the back...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! And I am madly in love with my new hairdresser. :) She is awesome! She is exactly what I wanted in a hairdresser- someone that would listen to what I wanted and really took the time to make it look like it should. I have been deprived all these years!! Both Cecilia and I got our hair done (she got a cut, I got a cut and color) and we were there 3 1/2 hours!! But we are both so happy- Cecilia looks so freaking good! I have to tell her to send me her before and afters. ;) She has the most flawless skin, and I told her she looked like Kate Beckinsale when she was done. She's beautiful!! Anyway, this hairdresser is mine forever and I will never never go back to my old one!


  1. VavavaVOOOM! You look stunning, Melody! WOW! What a gorgeous and complimentary look on you. Way to be brave and generous with your hair! (HUGS)

  2. WOW! WOW! WOW! It looks fantastic :) What a change!

  3. First of all..... just HOW did you get a pic of the back of your head from that angle? LOL That is quite the transformation, but I love it! I think it looks awesome on you! I wish I could "go for broke" of these days!

  4. Melody,
    I love your hair! It's so beautiful! I need to do something cute and fun like that! I wanted to say, though, that your long hair was so beautiful too! And I'm so glad you're not just tossing it to the trash. I do the same thing, let it grow for 1-2 years and then chop it all really short for locks of love. What a cute cut!

  5. You totally look like a hot rocker mom! Awesome! Your hair was gorgeous before but this is such an updated look! I love it!

  6. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! YOU LOOK GREAT!! short hair can be SO darn refreshing:)


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